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Campaign Corner: Legacy of The View 1-3

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Campaign Corner: Legacy of The View 1-3

Tell everybody a bit about your project 

“Imagine Being in high school playing baseball, making dance videos, interning at a studio to pursue a career in the music industry and Boom you’re burden with the power of creation that you have to use to stop an evil force named The Howl from using the human race’s adrenochrome as power supply. Yet You Don’t Care You just trying to pass tomorrow’s exam! “

What were the influences on this story?

The influences on Legacy of The View are my life experiences in the music industry along with the TV Show Atlanta and comics/manga troupes of the reluctant hero. 

What is your favorite reward item for this campaign?

The Concert Ticket tier. Because you get all three books, a cool poster and a high quality T-shirt just like if you had gone to a real concert. 

Who are some of your biggest creative influences?

Donald Glover for his tv show atlanta. Johnathan Hickman’s writing style

What does this story mean to you, not just as a creator, but to you personally?

It means a lot to me, it feels like it’s my child, something I’ve created because in this story I have put a part of me into it, and seeing people enjoying the story has brought me great joy.

What does the next year look like for you in comics?

Next Year looks huge for my comics, I should have three, maybe four stories going at one time, and hopefully the cons will be back and I can make a present in different markets.

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I’m Greg Moquin. CVO and one-half of SeerNova Comics LLC. I love writing and creating compelling stories. Worldbuilding is my jam!

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