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Evil Lives Omnibus: A Masterpiece of Horror by Second Sight Publishing

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Evil Lives Omnibus: A Masterpiece of Horror by Second Sight Publishing

Second Sight Publishing LLC is set to captivate the world of horror comics with its latest offering, the “Evil Lives Omnibus”. This anthology is not just a book; it’s a monumental assemblage of more than 250 pages of black and white terror, masterfully crafted by Bradley Golden and a team of award-winning writers and artists.

A Convergence of Horror Maestros

The “Evil Lives Omnibus” showcases a formidable lineup of writers. Names like John Crowther, known for “Harvest of Horrors”; George Aguilar of “Leave on the Light”; and Peter Breau, the creative force behind “These. Damn. Kids”, adorn its pages. Alex Barranco and Marcus H Roberts bring their “Mississippi Zombie” to life here. The anthology is further enriched by contributions from Helmut Racho, Alessio Nocerino, Shannon Smith, Hector Negrete, Adam Fields, Warren Montgomery, and Oscar Pinto, each adding their unique horror narratives.

The Bradley Golden Universe

Golden’s works, collected from various sources like Antarctic Press, Caliber Comics, and Second Sight Publishing LLC, contribute to creating a singular, coherent horror universe akin to the cinematic world of “The Conjuring”. Titles like “Leave on the Light”, “Cold Blooded”, “Mississippi Zombie”, “These. Damn. Kids”, “Orision”, and “Sonny” are part of this hair-raising collection.

Behind the Scenes

Marcus H Roberts, three-time Glyph Comics award nominee and co-writer and editor of “Sonny”, highlights their aim to bring together Bradley Golden’s finest work in one substantial volume for both his fans and horror enthusiasts.


“Evil Lives Omnibus” is not just a read; it’s an experience. It invites readers to dim the lights and embark on a journey of terror. Priced at $39.99, this 280-page black & white, perfect bound anthology (ISBN: 9798868967917) is available globally in bookstores and through major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Walmart.

About Second Sight Publishing

Founded by CEO Bradley Golden in 2019, Second Sight Publishing began in Golden’s mother’s basement with the production of “Mississippi Zombie”. Having collaborated with companies such as Delta Comix, Insane Comics, and Antarctic Press, Golden, alongside Marcus Roberts, Larry Jarrell, and Peter Breau, established Second Sight Publishing. They have since created a diverse and intriguing world of horror, alongside other genres, making their mark in the comic industry.

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