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Air Force Ones: A Glimpse into Wingless Comics’ Latest Sci-Fi Venture

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Air Force Ones: A Glimpse into Wingless Comics’ Latest Sci-Fi Venture

Wingless Comics, a trailblazer in diverse storytelling, has announced its latest project “Air Force Ones”, set to release in early 2024. This new venture, executive produced by 9B Collective and coming to streaming startup, Blerd Station, marks a significant foray into the realms of manga, anime, and toy merchandise.

Behind the Creation

At the helm of “Air Force Ones” is Brian Lambert, an award-winning writer known for his contribution to action, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi genres. Lambert’s career, marked by a passion for diverse narratives, includes self-publishing an award-winning novel and collaborating with various talents like Chris Williams, Greg Anderson Elysee, and Dorphise Jean. In late 2019, he founded Wingless Comics, further solidifying his role as a creative force in the industry. His style, inspired by luminaries like Mark Waid and Frank Miller, reflects a profound appreciation for dark, impactful storytelling.

The Concept

“Air Force Ones” promises a futuristic tale of conflict and resilience. Set in Aiye, a world where the Elysia dominates over Lower Earth in the aftermath of the Exodus War. The story revolves around Nasir “Nas” Williams and his discovery of the legendary M.A.D. Gear, Yasuke. This sets him on a path of resistance against the oppressive regime of Elysia. The narrative intertwines themes of tyranny, rebellion, and the quest for freedom, promising a rich, layered storytelling experience.

Watch the trailer:

Wingless Comics: A Hub of Diversity

Wingless Comics, under Lambert’s guidance, has established itself as a significant player in promoting diversity in fantasy and science fiction. Their commitment to creating relatable characters and engaging narratives has positioned them as a rising star in the multimedia arena.

“Air Force Ones” is not merely a new title in the Wingless Comics repertoire; it’s a testament to their dedication to diverse storytelling and innovative narrative structures. This project, spanning multiple mediums, is poised to be a landmark release in the world of sci-fi and fantasy entertainment.

Air Force Ones launches soon on Kickstarter and our website! Be the first to know by signing up for emails from Wingless Comics!

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