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Bradley Golden: The Heart and Horror Behind Second Sight Publishing

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Bradley Golden: The Heart and Horror Behind Second Sight Publishing

Bradley Golden’s entry into the world of comics started as a boy in Pontotoc, Mississippi.

“When I was younger, I had a speech impediment and was bullied. My brother worked at the local grocery store and brought me comics to help me. I really didn’t have any friends, and comics were my escape,” Golden remembers. 

“If my younger self could see me now, he’d say ‘Congratulations, you accomplished exactly what you prayed for so long. You are a comic creator and a darn good one. Now it’s time to pay it forward.’”

Navigating the World of Comics

Eventually, Golden went from reading comics to creating them. Initially, he aspired to be a comic artist, which led him to major in art in college. However, his path took a turn, and he found himself drawn to writing.

“The first book I ever published was called Legend of the Power Stance. It was published by a small publisher called Delta Comics, which did pamphlets for truck stops. The company is defunct now.”

 Among his works, he is fond of “Leave on the Light,” an ode to 80s slasher films, and “Mississippi Zombie,” a significant project for providing a platform for other indie creators.

In 2016, Second Sight Publishing was born out of Golden’s vision to create a space for “interesting, weird, and creative horror comics.” His aspiration was to see his works alongside giants like Marvel and DC, a dream that pushed him to create relentlessly. But it wasn’t an immediate success.

“The biggest struggles I faced were purely on the business and deadline side of things. I was new to the mainstream and didn’t know how things worked. It really had me scratching my head,” Golden recalls. “I had to learn things as I went. Thanks to Ben and Joe Dunn at Antarctic Press for taking me under their wing and grooming me for this journey.” 

Reflecting on his early years, Golden advises aspiring comic creators to write what they love and be true to themselves. 

“Be yourself and be friendly to everyone. You never know who might help you out in the future,” he offers.

Under his leadership, Second Sight has thrived as Mississippi’s only comic book publisher. The black-owned company stands out for offering a broad selection of unique and diverse products, catering not only to horror but also to a range of genres, including sci-fi, adventure, and superhero tales. Golden emphasizes the freedom Second Sight gives its creators, allowing them to retain 100% ownership of their intellectual property and enjoy a larger percentage of royalties than other publishers.

A Lifelong Passion for Horror

Horror, for Golden, is more than a genre; it’s a part of his life. Growing up, horror movie nights with his family created lasting memories and a deep connection to the genre. “House,” a horror-comedy movie, was his first introduction to horror media, shaping his creative path.

“My mom would rent horror movie cassettes. I would sit right by the TV, and my siblings and I would eat fish and spaghetti every Tuesday, watching horror films,” Golden states. “One of my favorites was a movie called House. It was a horror comedy. In the film, the closest in the bedroom would become a portal to another dimension every night at midnight, releasing all manner of monsters.”

After successfully establishing Second Sight Publishing, Golden continued to evolve and expand his creative horizons. This journey led him to work on “Shook! A Black Horror Anthology,” a significant project that allowed him to collaborate with top-tier writers in the genre. Shook! represented a notable shift for Golden, bringing together diverse voices in horror and showcasing his commitment to broadening the scope and reach of his storytelling within the comic book industry. 

Golden’s latest project, “Evil Lives Omnibus,” is a testament to his dedication to the horror genre. This 250-page anthology showcases his work alongside other renowned writers and artists, creating a horror universe reminiscent of the Conjuring film series. With contributions from talents like John Crowther, George Aguilar, and Marcus H Roberts, this collection is a horror enthusiast’s dream.

Priced at $39.99, “Evil Lives Omnibus” (ISBN: 9798868967917) is available globally in bookstores and through major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Walmart.

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