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Please note that we offer no timetable for review completion. We are a 100% volunteer organization and try to post several reviews a week. At any given time we have 50+ books waiting to be reviewed. Books must score at least 2.5-stars to qualify for a review.

The Indie Comix Dispatch strives to be a resource within the indie comic community. We want to be a place where creators can get exposure and fans can find great books! We try to provide video and written reviews for books of every indie category (unless it’s racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or otherwise offensive). We have a few different ways you can submit a book:

  1. Send us a Physical Copy! We actually prefer physical copies so that we can add things like print quality and shipping to the review. Contact for a reviewer mailing address.
  2. Send us an Advanced Copy! Do you have an upcoming Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or release date and you want a review before your book drops? No Problem! Use this link to submit your Advanced Copy for a review.
  3. Send us a Digital Copy! Want to send us a digital PDF of your book? That’s cool we get that printing and postage can add up. Use this link to submit your compressed PDF file.

Everything ICD does is free of charge. We promote indie comics because we LOVE indie comics! But, our operation does incur expenses! If you find value in what we do, consider making a secure one-time donation? The support given through donations enables us to cover monthly expenses and keep doing more and more for the indie community! DONATE NOW!

(And while we really appreciate all the support, it has to be said… Supporting us does not guarantee a high rating or a quick review turnaround, it just guarantees our love for you!)

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