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Brace Yourself! Space Vikings Are Getting Into Action in an All-New Comic Book!

This is the saga of Torhild Einarsdottir, a female Viking warrior. We meet her on a quest to avenge the death of her father. He fell in battle with the Saxons, another fraction kidnapped by Jotuns from Earth centuries ago to the planetary system called Jotunheim. And while the Vikings remained faithful to their traditions... they didn't mind a bit of progress. . #comicnews #comingsoon #indiecomics

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REVIEW: Final Boy #1

The art is very solid and well-drawn, both the action sequences and the in car dialogue sections. The artist shows good use of differing presentational techniques such as perspective and close up versus long shot. The part that really stands out for me though is the killer dancing page where the use of equally sized panels along with the weird moves of the killer really sets it as something disturbing. . #comicbookreview #comicbook #smallpresscomics

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REVIEW: Stranger Things FCBD


I’d be lying if I said I had enough to go on to make an informed opinion. From what I can tell, “Resident Alien” seems to have an interesting premise. This story did move the franchise up on my list of priorities.
#comcreview #strangerthings #fcbd

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REVIEW: Twig #1


The universe “Twig” takes place in reminds me of something that Jim Henson would have been involved in. Mr. Strahm made the terrain and creatures in “Twig” much like those in “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth”. I liked it. It gives the story a magical feeling.
#comicbookreview #comicbook #imagecomics

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