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Indie Comic Throwdown – The Last Templar Vs. Absolver


Indie Comic Throwdown – The Last Templar Vs. Absolver

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January’s Indie Comic Throwdown is The Last Templar, Black Moss Comics, VERSUS Absolver, Konkret Comics!

If you missed the introduction post to the Indie Comic Throwdown, you can read it HERE, but the brief recap is every month, we’ll announce a match-up and start the poll. At the end of the month, we’ll announce the results and offer our take on the battle. These Throwdowns are meant to be light-hearted, fun, and a feature to bring the fans together!  December’s Throwdown, Caliber Versus Omen, can be found HERE.

The poll for The Last Templar vs Absolver will be open through 1/16/21. It will then be locked and we’ll begin writing the battle based on the poll results!

The Last Templar

Name: Unknown

Birthplace: Jerusalem

Age: Unknown, appears as someone in their 30’s; healthy strong adult male.

Enhancement: Yes, but the degree of power has not yet been determined. There are rumors that he is not Enhanced, but rather is imbued with the souls and the strength of all his fallen brothers. His order of Templars are said to have taken a solemn oath, in whereas upon their death, their life force would be redistributed amongst the remaining members of their brotherhood. None of this is confirmed.

Abilities: So far, subject displays clearly augmented strength, enhanced durability and accelerated healing capacity. Shows peak human levels of speed, dexterity, cognition and acrobatics. He is an EXTREMELY adept hand-to-hand combatant with mastery in countless martial arts and all types of weaponry.


Name: Niyier Charles

Height: 6’0

Weight: 250lbs

Hometown: Caesar City, NJ

Powers: Vanquish: he can steal knowledge, instincts, natural powers and abilities. Cleanse: it allows Absolver to bring someone back to life momentarily, hear their story and decide whether he wants to vindicate them or torture that soul for someone. Animus: senses the strong vindictive desire in others. Other abilities include manifestation, battalion and vole’s cloak.

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Who would win - The Last Templar or Absolver?
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