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2021 Brings New Indie Groups and Team-Ups


2021 Brings New Indie Groups and Team-Ups

2021 launched with an influx of new projects within the indie comic community. Three projects of note are The Indie Alliance, the Savage Sand Box (SSB), and the Indie Clubhouse. The Dispatch reached out to these new organizations for more information on their vision and mission within the indie community.

The Indie Alliance

The Indie Alliance is a network for creators of all sizes to help one another reach their full potential by getting the support they need. Nobody likes asking for help, and that is why the Alliance was formed, to reach out to creators and offer a helping hand. The structure is simple; the Indie Alliance is not a publisher, all intellectual property rights remain with the creator, and no member shall interfere with another’s property. This is enforced by the fact that every creator is published by themselves. In the little time the Alliance has been active, each of its members have seen an increase of followers. The founding members of the Alliance all share a belief that Indie Comics are the way forward for the industry, and by helping new writers and artists grow, there still may be a chance for comic books to be in the spotlight once again. The Indie Alliance’s strongest belief is “Indie supports Indie” no matter what.

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Savage Sand Box

In late 2020 a group of creatives joined together to help support each other and get their stories to a broader audience. Jason Pharo (The Convictor) and Jesse Baer (Burlap) came up with the Savage Sand Box idea as a realm for their characters to exist that would not create continuity issues and allow for crossovers. Later, Christopher Michael (CRIT) was introduced to the team and helped turn SSB into a house for indie creators to support, create, and distribute their books to a larger audience. The SSB is not an alliance of creators but more of a group of creators that help and support each other to bring the best quality stories that they can to the community. The SSB will be coming to stores near you this year!

Indie Clubhouse

Indie Clubhouse is a new Facebook group for indie comic creators. The Indie Clubhouse’s mission is to create a warm home for INDIE comic readers to share their favorite stories and build a community that empowers independent art. The Clubhouse is a space where readers can discuss content in-depth with other fans, similar to what we see in mainstream content.

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