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Indie Comic Throwdown – Autumn Fox VS. The Marshal


Indie Comic Throwdown – Autumn Fox VS. The Marshal

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In February 2024 we’re launching our Indie Comix Dispatch magazine! It will primarily be digital with a limited print run for patrons! We’ll still be posting plenty of stuff to the website, but the magazine will contain special and exclusive content. One of those pieces of exclusive content will be the Indie Comic Throwdown!

The Throwdown pits two indie characters against one another in a “What If” style battle. The best part? YOU decide the winner! The first Throwdown for the magazine will be Autumn Fox Vs. The Marshal!

The poll for Autumn Fox Vs. The Marshal will be open through 12/18/23. It will then be locked and we’ll begin writing the battle based on the poll results!

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Who would win - Autumn Fox Vs. The Marshal
Autumn Fox17
The Marshal22
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Brett has been collecting comics for close to 30 years and is passionate about showcasing the amazing stories in Indie Comics and growing the indie community. A marketing and communications professional with a Masters of Nonprofit Management, he founded The Indie Comix Dispatch in 2020. Brett is also a member of the National Writers Union.

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