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THROWDOWN- Caliber vs. Omen


THROWDOWN- Caliber vs. Omen

The Indie Comic Throwdown is a monthly feature pitting two indie comic character against one another. Fans vote to decide who wins! Learn more about the Throwdown Here.

Read about Omen and Caliber Here.

“You men are already dead.”

Omen’s gravel laden voice echoes over the radio as Caliber arrives at the burned out tenement.  He looks up, just as a figure clad in white breaks through the 3rd story windows and lands on the deserted street.  Caliber’s been tracking the elusive Omen for a long time.  Some people thing he’s a crusader, all Caliber sees is a multiple murderer who uses his connection to ethereal energy to see his ends met.

Omen looks back at Caliber with his chakram raised high and blazing bright.  Suddenly. Caliber’s duty weapon doesn’t feel so powerful, even though it’s pointed at Omen’s head.  Omen throws his chakram, ablaze with energy, towards Caliber.  Caliber dodges it unloads his duty weapon, while closing the distance.  Omen evades the bullets and with an almost casual flick of his wrist, calls his chakram back.  As it nears, the power fades from it and slams into Caliber’s back.  His body armor absorbs most of the impact and it knocks him to within reach of Omen.  Omen executes a series of hand movements, expecting chaos energy to flow through him.  Instead, sparks ignite at his fingertips and he senses Caliber smiling beneath his mask. 

Caliber attacks Omen with a fury he’s only seen in the monsters he’s hunted.  No longer bolstered by ethereal energy, fatigue pulls at Omen.  Though their battle teeters back and forth, Omen can feel Caliber’s blows taking their toll.  In a last second gambit, Omen slides beneath Caliber and retrieves his chakram.  It blazes with energy as he slams it into the ground.  Caliber runs into a mystical barrier that even he can’t nullify.  Caliber punches the barrier and explodes in a flash of light.  Caliber’s vision slowly returns and he finds himself alone of the deserted street.  Omen is gone, a ghost in the wind.  But Caliber knows his secret, knows how to silence the magic within him.  He knows it’s only a matter of time before they meet again.

Winner: Caliber

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