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Book Title: Scary Christmas

Book Description: Scary Christmas gives us three holiday themed short stories. The first story, “Letters to Satan”, takes a different look at what happens when people wish for one present and things go badly. In “I Saw Daddy Killing Santa Claus” we see a home invasion with a twist. “Oh, Christmas Tree” shows us just how much can go wrong when a family goes out to the woods to find a Christmas tree.

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Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team: Writer: James Kuhoric, G.O. Parsons, Alexander Banchitta, and S.A. Check Artist: Puis Calzada, E.V, Cantada, Fernando Sosa, Horacio Domingues Letters: Fabricio Grellet and Fernando Sosa Cover: Puis Calzada Editor: S.A. Check Publisher: American Mythology Productions 

Ratings: Story: 3.1 Stars Artwork: 3.3 Stars Cover Artwork: 3.4 Stars Dialogue: 3.2 Stars Mechanics: 3.3 Stars Editing: 3.3 Stars

Reader’s Notes: Growing up , I remember Dad always liking Alfred Hitchcock Presents,Tales From the Crypt, The Twilight Zone, and other shows of that nature. I remember listening to the old radio shows on tape that played weird or scary stories during car trips. Whether it was planned or not, I developed an interest in this style of storytelling.

Scary Christmas reminded me a lot of those times. All three stories had something about them that made me think Dad would have loved them. He liked stories that had plot twists. The crazier the twist (that was plausible), the better. We certainly got that in this issue.

This cover has a great amount of detail. That detail creates intrigue while making Santa look horrifying. I like it. 

The same can be said for the artwork on the interior pages. I enjoyed the sled in “Letters to Satan” and how much “Oh, Christmas Tree” reminded me of the quest for the Griswold family Christmas tree in Christmas Vacation. As a geek on a budget I would say Scary Christmas is well worth the price of admission. We get three fascinating stories. We get something different from the norm. We get a fun filled book of Ho-Ho-Horror! Enjoy!

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