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Resilience: Creators Against COVID – “7 O’Clock” Now Available on GlobalComix

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Resilience: Creators Against COVID – “7 O’Clock” Now Available on GlobalComix

Via GlobalComix:

7 O’Clock, Issue #6 of the Resilience: Creators Against COVID anthology is now available to read on GlobalComix7 O’Clock is a short tale of a New York City nurse who gives her all at work in the early days of the pandemic and finds solace in an unexpected place.

This issue was written by Frank Tieri (Wolverine) with art by Leisha Riddel (Smooth Criminals), colors by Cristina Rose Chua (Adventure Time), letters by Taylor Esposito (Daredevil), and editing by Janelle Asselin (DC Entertainment, Disney, ComicsAlliance, Rosy Press).

All subscription proceeds from this comic will be donated to The Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.

To go along with the release of 7 O’Clock, we have a message from Frank Tieri:As a New Yorker— especially one with a child that is immunosuppressed — those initial months during the pandemic were particularly scary. Hundreds upon hundreds of people were dying on a daily basis and the worst part of it was, it seemed like there was no end in sight. Thankfully, our doctors, nurses and other essential workers saw us through those stress filled times… often at the cost of their own lives. We can never truly repay them but we can offer them our eternal gratitude … and this story attempts to do that — Frank Tieri

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