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Throwdown: Kaliburn vs. The Convictor

Black Comics

Throwdown: Kaliburn vs. The Convictor

The Indie Comic Throwdown is a monthly feature pitting two indie comic character against one another. Fans vote to decide who wins! Learn more about the Throwdown Here.

Read about Kalibrun and The Convictor Here.

Kaliburn’s latest hunt takes him into the depths of G.U.T. City, a place known for dark skies and even darker intentions.  As Kaliburn scours the dusty rooftops, someone else haunts the shadows.  One with the shadows, The Convictor waits for his next chance to unleash his righteous vengeance.

They sense each other around the same time.  The Convictor is drawn to the lingering arcane energy that surrounds Kaliburn.  And Kaliburn follows the pull of Excalibur, desperate to pierce the murky veil that surrounds Convictor.

This is a fight for the ages as Convictor uses his ninjato and Glock 19 to hold Kaliburn back.  Kaliburn is able to avoid fire and the lethal accuracy of Convictor’s attacks long enough to get in close.  Sparks fly as Kaliburn blocks the murderous intent soaring on Convictor’s ninjato.  Even after Kaliburn stabs Convictor with Excalibur, the Ghostwalker of G.U.T. City won’t stop coming. Their evenly matched martial arts prowess draws this fight out longer than it should.  But Convictor has an edge that Kaliburn can’t hope to match.  His military training kicks in and Convictor gets the upper hand.  Close to the edge of the roof, Kaliburn loses sight of Convictor for a fraction of a second.  That’s all he needs as he throws a Smoke Charge, which disorients Kaliburn long enough for Convictor to kick him off the roof.

Convictor looks over the edge at this unknown warrior.  Kaliburn lies still and Convictor stumbles back from the edge, bleeding and in need of medical care.  Back down on the ground, Kaliburn’s Grail arm glows as it’s healing powers come to life.  The Convictor has an adversary he can respect, even if he doesn’t know him and Kaliburn has a plan for the next time they meet.

WINNER: The Convictor

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