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Review: The New Knights

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Review: The New Knights

The New Knights by Omarr Moore’s BLE Comics is the story of two old heroes coming out of retirement to train the next generation. From BLE, ”It’s a story of culture, action, and the passing of tradition from one generation to the next.  It is full of nostalgia, modern-day humor, unique characters, loads of action, character development, and interpersonal relationships, with subtle, yet poignant, social commentary.”

Imagine after years of service, Superman retired from the Justice League. After decades of enjoying retirement, The Flash convinces Clark to get back in the game and train a new generation of heroes. This is the set-up for The New Knights! Two characters named The Master and Shadow emerge from retirement to train and lead The New Knights, the third generation of superheroes in the Black Light Entertainment Comics universe.

There are currently 3 issues of The New Knights, with a fourth recently funded on Kickstarter. The 3 issues are enjoying and fun to read. Moore’s writing style drops little bits of history and character development throughout the story that leaves you craving more. The other heroes of The New Knights are a fun, eclectic group of young heroes whose powers would make your high school physics teacher’s head explode!

The BLE universe contains hints and glimpses of other superhero teams that could eventually be allies or potential enemies of The New Knights. Moore is certainly building a robust comic world with a strong foundation. It will be fun watching The New Knights continue to unfold and the BLE universe grows.

Moore’s art is certainly better than what I could produce, but perhaps not to the level you’re used to seeing in some comics. That being said, the artwork improves with each issue and you’re really reading this serious for Moore’s storytelling, not the art. 

One of my favorite aspects of The New Knights is that Moore curates a Spotify playlist for each issue, essentially supplying a soundtrack for The New Knights and creating an amazing reading experience! You can find the playlists on BLE’s website or search Omarr Moore on Spotify.

If you’re looking for a good read that hits all the right notes in a superhero team series, get The New Knights! 

From Omarr Moore:

“The New Knights is the flagship title and starting point for BLE Comics LLC and the BLE Universe. Through The New Knights you will be introduced to many more heroes and teams through dynamic worldbuilding and the playful dynamic of the generation gap between the new heroes and the heroes of the 70s and 80s.  The heroes are black and people of color, as our main goal is to fill the void of black superheroes and representation of heroes that our culture can relate to. That being said, we write stories for all people to enjoy, especially if you’re an old school comic book nerd like me (actually, all new school comic book nerds are welcomed too).  As an artist and writer, I try to accompany vibrant art with fresh stories that are both reminiscent of my favorite periods yet unique to the genre. I really hope you enjoy the books as much as I enjoyed creating them for you and welcome to BLE Comics!”

Find The New Knights at BLE’s Website –

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