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Review: Apocalypse, Kinda


Review: Apocalypse, Kinda

A mysterious portal, a cosmic conspiracy, and a 12-year-old boy possessed by a cat who’s come to destroy the world. If that doesn’t grab your attention and make you immediately read this book, I don’t know what will! Plus, the title might easily be one of my favorite book titles ever!

Like Wehner, Enrico Orlandi, and Reed Hinckley-Barnes bring us a very unique tale about the Apocalypse… kinda. 

The story starts in a world that has been completely changed by a portal that opened five years ago from somewhere unknown. Is the portal from a strange alien world? Is it a government experiment gone wrong? Is it all a hoax? One thing is certain, the portal has drastically changed life on Earth and things will never be the same. The portal itself is never pictured, but it’s presence hangs over every panel

The first issue revolves around 12-year-old Tobe and his navigation of daily life in this strange new world and a new friend who stumbles into his life. Issue one is a great opener with just enough details and plenty of mystery to make you come back for issue 2! The art style is fun and simple, which allows your mind to take in the story and ponder the possibilities of what this portal means and is this the end of everything.

There’s no kinda about it, you should go read this book, because the best part? It’s free on I can’t wait for issue 2, and we’ll be sure to update once the second issue drops!

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