Creative Team:

Writer, Cover, and Publisher – Aziza The Graphic Novelist
Artist and Letter – Elijah Richardson

About The Book:

A story of mythology and technology, “The Kaaiman’s Cry” is a modern-day tale about a 25-year-old woman named Anto who just recently started a new job and is trying hard to fit in. Thinking that being caught up on the latest TV shows will give her a way to connect with her coworkers, she accepts the gift of a free TV. However, strange images and haunting voices soon begin to invade her house. And Anto soon finds out that accepting this gift is a decision that could cost her, her very life.


Story – .75-stars
Art – .5-stars
Dialogue – .5-stars
Editing – 1-star
Mechanics – 1-star

Reviewer Notes:

The Kaaiman’s Cry is a fun, spooky tale of a haunted television. As a bit of background, Paranormal World Wiki says “The Kaaiman are mermaid-like creatures known from the folklore of some regions of South Africa, in which they are said to be malevolent beings resembling half-human and half-fish humanoids with glowing red eyes. They attempt to drown their victims.”

This is a great debut story from Aziza and is the type of horror tale that I love; a story based on mythology with a modern twist! If you’re a fan of the horror genre, definitely check this story out. There are some ambiguities in the story though, the identities of the supporting characters are left a bit open. The art is average but is consistent and does the job. Richardson’s art style really shines in the creepy, horror elements of the story, and I would have loved to see more of that from him. The Dialogue is good, but at times too much. In a good horror story, less is more. 

All-in-all The Kaaiman’s Cry is a solid scary story to read at home one night by yourself and I look forward to future stories from Aziza.

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