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REVIEW: Frontier Forever: Regenesis


REVIEW: Frontier Forever: Regenesis

Creative Team:

Ben Krieger- writer
Gianmaria Orlandi – pencils, inks, and colors.
Tom Wallace – letters

About The Comic:

After a long period of machine enslavement, humanity resents the technology that now affords their freedom, and Earth has been turned into a reservation for the way life had once been. But the embargo that is supposed to protect the planet has been corrupted, and the Marshal is sent in to investigate. It’s a story about technological dependence when and how systemic racism affects marginalized communities.


Story – .75-stars
Art – .75-stars
Dialogue – .75-stars
Editing – 1-star
Mechanics – .75-stars

Reviewer Notes:

For a first issue, Frontier Forever: Regenesis knows what it’s doing and plays for the long haul! The story is unique enough to hold its own but also has a classic sci-fi vibe to it. Krieger delivers the story of a distant future earth that has been turned into a nature preserve of sorts with skill and a way of revealing just enough to keep you guessing. I would have loved to have known a bit more about Earth’s past and what exactly happened to get us to this point. I’m sure we’ll learn more in future issues, but two more pages on Earth’s history would have filled things out nicely.

There’s not a lot of true dialogue in the story, but what’s there is well done and reveals hints at the story and personality. There is an action the Marshal takes at the end of the story that confused and surprised me. Perhaps another reading would clear it up, but the motivations to this action, to me at least, were unclear. Orlandi delivers solid, consistent art. A few times in the story I would have preferred a bit more detail, especially in a couple scenes with the Marshal.

It’s no secret that I love a good sci-fi story and Frontier Forever delivers a fun, new take on a classic genre. I can’t wait to see the series unfold, and if you want more Frontier Forever after reading issue 1, Krieger has a novel you can purchase also!

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