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REVIEW: Mini-Comic Bundles

Black Comics

REVIEW: Mini-Comic Bundles

Written by: Jason Alexander

Art by: Aaron Guzman

Jason Alexander reached out to me on Facebook one day to tell me about this crazy concept he and Aaron Guzman were doing – mini-comics, in the mail, monthly. I immediately signed on the dotted line. Here’s the pitch:

Get the classic feel of old school comic books delivered to your door with this monthly collection of 1/8 size newsprint mini-comics bundles for only $5 a month.

The bundles, containing 3 books each, will be limited to a print run of 250 and distributed to subscribers every month for 12 months.

$5 a month and you get three cool mini-comics delivered to your door monthly. I have become a big fan of digital comics, but there’s still something nice about holding a physical book in your hands, and there’s something really fun about it being a mini-comic.

The comics are nicely printed and feel more sturdy than I expected. The blacks are deep and dark, and the books have a premium feel to them. With only 6-pages, they’re a quick read, but the narratives are well-constructed and make for a nice read. Some of them are one-shots and some are continuing month-to-month. Out of the 3 bundles I’ve received there has only been one title with more than one issue delivered, but others say they have more than one issue, so, I’m sure I’ll be seeing those at some point. Most of the issues so far seem to border on the horror/thriller genres, which more and more are my favorite.

I don’t feel like I can offer a true ICD Star review for the bundles yet. I just don’t think they’ll fit into that structure very well. So, I offer this – after receiving 3 bundles, I’m still a subscriber. I am excited that bundle #4 is shipping soon and can’t wait to pop open my package and see what this month holds. The Mini-Comic Bundles from Alexander and Guzman are a well-crafted, fun surprise every month delivered to your door. They offer a creative, unique take on indie comics that no one else is doing. My recommendation, sign-up for your own bundles while you still can!

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