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REVIEW: Agents of Eden #1


REVIEW: Agents of Eden #1

Written by: Paul Richards

Art by: Dieognski

Agents of Eden by Black Moss Comics explores the new function of organized religion in a world where real, superpowered “gods” now walk amongst us. After hundreds of people across the globe, manifest seemingly random Enhancements, it is up to our team to help save humanity’s soul.  Or is it even worth saving?

I keep waiting for Paul Richards of Black Moss to screw-up. It seems unfair for one man to be outputting as many books as he did during 2020… and all of them are even crowdfunded! What the hell Paul? Yet, alas, Agents of Eden #1 is another home run from Black Moss. Joking aside, this book is good, in fact, it’s even better than I expected! Issue one really digs deep into The Last Templar, the apparent leader of Agents of Eden, though we briefly get to see other team members.

I heard from Paul that Kickstarter backers would be receiving the issue soon, so I broke it down here!



Issue #1 is an origin story of sorts for The Last Templar. I say, of sorts, because it does describe how he got to the present day and his break from his original order of knights, but, we still don’t know anything about the man behind the helmet. But, the story is well-told and very interesting. I love the direction Richards takes with the character and it leaves me craving more information about the knight! I feel The Last Templar could really be Black Moss’s breakout character.



The art is great! Dieognski delivers solid art throughout the book that illustrated the fierceness of the Last Templar, and somehow with a helmet on, his humanity too.



There’s some dialogue, but mostly narration of the Last Templar’s origin. What dialogue is present helps drive the story forward and gives us glimpses into Templar’s personality.



The overall story construction and narrative elements are great! The story is well-paced and ends just where it should. There are a few more details on Templar and the team I would have liked filled in, but I’m sure those are coming.



The book is well-edited with no obvious grammatical or spelling errors.

Agents of Eden is another great addition to the emerging Black Moss library of books. It is well written and executed and I can’t wait to see issue 2!

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