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REVIEW: Justice: A Simple Wish

Black Comics

REVIEW: Justice: A Simple Wish

Writer: Brian J. Lambert
Artist: Fábio Simão
Colors: Orbelin Jaimes
Letters: Rune Makerz
Cover: Fabio Simao and Orbelin Jaimes
Editor: Greg Anderson Elysée
Publisher: Wingless Comics

2020 has been one of the most interesting years in the history of the United States. So much history has been made. Many of us had low points and high points during 2020. My low points were losing my father and the magical geek gathering that is Comic-Con.

I didn’t know it at the time; but one of my biggest high points was when I read and wrote about a promotional book called “Justice”. It was a zero issue, basically giving the reader an origin story to work with. After doing the review I got to know the writer, Brian Lambert, better.

Brian introduced me to the wide world of independent comics on a level I had no idea existed. I knew that more than just the big two publishers were out there but I’d never truly paid that much attention.

Because of Brian I am much more familiar with Kickstarter. My collection of cool geek stuff is grateful. My wife and wallet…. not so much. One of the perks that come from buying through Kickstarter is periodically writers and artists will have “stretch goals”. These goals are bonus SWAG that they give out if a project receives certain amounts of financial backing.  “Justice: A Simple Wish” is a stretch goal that was digitally sent out to the backers of “Justice” #1.

The focus of this issue is a young girl named Amber.  Amber has asked to find Justice so she can hire him. He’s not a thug for hire, he’s the hand of God, and tells her so in an impolite fashion that leaves her running out the door in tears.

While Justice is being admonished for not even listening to Amber she’s on a bridge praying to God for help. Justice goes to her and hears her story. She has been abused by her father and just wants to be able to live with her aunt.

Justice deems this a worthy cause and pays a visit to her father…. along story short. He’s never going to touch Amber again. I love a book with a happy ending!


1 Star

I have always appreciated how Justice looks. He’s big, powerful, menacing. Everything you would expect from the Hand of God. Mr. Simao depicts him in such a way that is nothing short of awe inspiring. When you add the colors that Mr. Jaimes did Justice pops off the page and announces his presence with authority.


1 Star

The issue reads like a one shot and is only 14 pages  long. It is still one of the most powerful stories I have ever read. For reasons I will never understand America seems to turn a blind eye to the abused. There are only a handful of times that I can think of when child abuse is ever mentioned in pop culture. Mr. Lambert is kicking the reader in the balls and daring them to deny there’s a problem in this country. We need more of that.


1 Star

There isn’t a lot of dialogue in this story but what we get is impactful. It was eye opening to see Justice getting lambasted for not listening to Amber’s story.


.75 Stars

The lettering in “A Simple Wish” is very crisp. The font is easily readable. It’s a little thing but I would have liked to see an explanation of who the woman introducing Amber to Justice was.


.75 Stars

This story was easy to fall into and you don’t have to be a subject matter expert on all things Justice to be able to appreciate it.

This story isn’t necessarily meant for little ones although they need to be aware if they’re in a similar situation they need to know where to go for help. There’s a hotline that can be called for domestic abuse. The number is (800) 799-SAFE (7233).

I look forward to seeing “A Simple Wish” available in a hard copy. Perhaps somewhere along the way way we’ll get to see one.

It has been an incredible year. Thanks for being part of it with me! Have a safe and happy new year!


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