Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

, REVIEW: Absolver #2, The Indie Comix Dispatch

Writer: Jermael Lessey
Artist: Gaurav Shrivastav
Colors: Aljoša Tomić
Letters: Matias Zanetti
Editor: Kemlie Danthier
Publisher: Konkret Comic

In March of 2020 my buddy Jim bought me an assortment of geeky goodness from a fledgling independent comic book publisher called Konkret Comics. The pack came with the first issues of “Akolyte”, “Odina”, and “Absolver”. I enjoyed the pack immensely and was all over the Kickstarter when more issues were made available.

I received my newest supply of geeky goodness from Konkret Comics over the holidays but wasn’t able to get the opportunity to dive into the stack until now. Absolver #2 gives the reader more of an origin story while simultaneously giving us a brand new adventure with Absolver dealing with an angel of sorts.


1 Star

Everything from the cover to the last page of the interior is crisp, detailed, and well colored. I was especially fond of the splash page. Then again anyone that fights back and serves as a protector of abused children is aces in my book.


.75 Stars

I really liked the direction that “Absolver” #2 is heading. The plot had a good rhythm to it. We got a little bit of a curveball with Julie and Carson. I’m sure we’ll learn more about that in the next issue.

, REVIEW: Absolver #2, The Indie Comix Dispatch


.75 Stars

The dialogue helps move the story along nicely but it could help a bit more if we could get a little more information about other characters from it. Who was the woman in white with Absolver near the end of the issue?


.75 Stars

The lettering in this issue is terrific. It’s in a font that is a legible and a color that doesn’t blend into the filler color of the speech balloons.I would have liked a better idea of who Absolver was fighting for a great deal of the latter half of the issue.


.75 Stars

“Absolver” #2 is very easy to fall into. It reads at a pace that leaves the reader surprised and disappointed that it’s over. There are a couple times when the reader does have to pause to figure out who some of the new faces are.

From my perspective, this series is on the cusp of greatness. We just need a little bit of tweaking with character development to get there.