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INTERVIEW: Danny Quick

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INTERVIEW: Danny Quick

Danny, thank you so much for coming back for another interview! Tell everyone about who you are and your background?

Well, thanks for having me again lol. My name is Danny J Quick and I’m the co-creator of Aceblade and King Supreme. I’m a writer and a self-admitted Tiktok addict, but I’m having fun making funny videos and embarrassing my 4 kids

For those that didn’t see our first interview, how did you become a creator? What’s your origin story?

Before I got deployed to Iraq, a friend of mine told me he’d created a character but could never get a story going. Since I wrote a lot through high school, I figured I would give it a shot. While I was IN Iraq I just kept creating more stories and characters around that Idea and that’s how Aceblade was started. 

Tell us about Aceblade! Where did the idea for these stories come from?

My friend Christoph and I would always talk about our favorite comics and superheroes while we were at work, and when he told me about this dude dressed in purple, trying to get revenge on someone who did him wrong, I thought it would be cool to take it in a new direction. I wanted him to be a guy on the edge. A man with a good heart but the power to really hurt people if he wanted to. The greatest fighter in the world, but a man who knows the impact he could have if he lost control. 

Let’s talk about Aceblade: Villain Season! Tell us about this particular chapter!

At this point. Aceblade has been fighting crime for almost a year and he’s getting frustrated. The bad guy he put in prison in the 4th book, is still running things from behind the scenes, and new villains keep popping up causing trouble for regular people. Also, the civilians don’t seem to care. They’re more concerned about hitting it big, betting on fights, and losing their rent money. So Aceblade is almost about to quit and start looking out for himself. 

Tell us about the Kickstarter, what rewards or tiers are you most excited about?

I learned from the King Supreme Kickstarter that I helped Wolly with, If you offer T-Shirts, Hats, and Skate Decks… people will buy them. SO we’re doing a lot of that and more. You can get all 5 issues of the Aceblade comic series, but you can also get some Aceblade gear and some Villains merch too if you like that sort of thing. 

Tell us more about 4th Wall Productions and its titles!

Absolutely. We have been making comics for years now with Aceblade, King Supreme, and LumberJax, but a couple of years ago we decided to get into podcasting and filmmaking. In the next few years, we’re going to try a video game also. So no matter which way you enjoy your superheroes, we have something for you. 

What advice would you give to someone running their first Kickstarter?

START. EARLY. I wish I would have known 7 years ago that this was so much work. In order to do well, you have to start fast, and in my experience, the best way to do that is to get everyone who WANTS to buy your stuff, to buy it on the first day. Then you can focus on trying to reach new people. 

What about those who have an idea for a comic but haven’t acted on it yet? What’s one piece of actionable advice you would give them to get started?

Do everything that you can on your own first. If you can write, draw, color, letter, market, advertise. DO it. And once you hit the point where you actually/ NEED help, then go find someone. By then you’ll have enough work done to convince them that you’re serious, and you’ll have a clearer picture of what you really want. 

Danny, how can people find the Kickstarter and support this project?

Hit this link right here – or search for Aceblade on Thanks for having me.

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