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Freestyle Komics Launches Hotshot Collection on Kickstarter

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Freestyle Komics Launches Hotshot Collection on Kickstarter

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Hotshot was created at a time in Michael Watson’s life when he was in college going through a world-shattering break up. Creating the comic helped him navigate through those feelings and emotions. It also gave him the platform to see people want to be able to believe in their heroes and villains. This is why we fall in love with characters and it’s what adds to the epicness and scale of the battles we geek out about so much.

Hotshot is for the comic book enthusiast who loves story, characters, and adventure! If you day dream about your roof being ripped open by a giant robot entity as you are gifted with cosmic abilities to destroy it and save the city before dinner, this series is for you! It is inspired by such epic and great stories as Invincible, Naruto, and Spider-Man! Driven by the stories and characters I am a fan of, they pushed my creativity to bring my own stories to life.

Hotshot will explore the high stakes of what it means to be a hero! His path will push a reader’s ability to relate  and continue to drive home epic discussions. The foundation was built by writing sensation Victor Dandridge of Vantage Inhouse Productions. Cary Kelley, Writer/Creator of Dynagirl, comes on for a two-issue stint before Michael Watson, the ongoing Artist, takes on writing duties. Veterans in the field, Danny Cooper and Veronica Smith return for Letters/Edits and Colors. Newcomer Laurie Foster of Unlikely Heroes Studios helps us form Voltron as the new Inker!

Freestyle Komics’ flagship title, Hotshot is at the center of it all. Start your journey and see if you can piece together the clues to see where it all will lead and how this epic adventure ends.

Freestyle Komics is collecting the first two trades in this Kickstarter, with the added bonus of a new twist on issue #0, which will see it lettered! Hotshot’s most controversial character, Carla, will break her silence to NEW and OLD fans alike.  What’s even better is that the next two issues(#10/#11) are in production(Letters/Colors) and if the campaign hits the stretch goals, those brand new issues will be unlocked for you to consume with reading eagerness! 

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