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Monday Kickstart: 5 Indie Comic Campaigns to Check Out


Monday Kickstart: 5 Indie Comic Campaigns to Check Out

Monday Kickstart: 5 Indie Comic Campaigns to Check Out” is a weekly feature that spotlights five compelling independent comic book projects from various crowdfunding platforms.

1. The Wild Cosmos #1-3: A Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure

Embark on an interstellar journey with “The Wild Cosmos #1-3,” where a notorious space smuggler faces a daunting task: capturing a magical girl to trade with space pirates, all in a bid to rescue his crewmate. This Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure, crafted by Curtis, has captured the imagination of many, already amassing $13,591 in pledges, soaring to 226% of its funding goal with just 4 days left. The campaign, based in Huntington Beach, CA, promises a riveting blend of magic and space escapades. Support the project here.

2. FAELYN WOOD #1 – 2: A Classic Fantasy-Action Miniseries

“FAELYN WOOD #1 – 2” by Marcus McNeal is a classic fantasy-action miniseries that follows a young rogue on a perilous quest to liberate his father’s cursed spirit. This gripping narrative set in a fantastical realm has already garnered $4,247, achieving 212% of its funding goal with 8 days remaining. The Los Angeles, CA-based project melds adventure and mystery, offering an enthralling tale for fantasy enthusiasts. Check out the campaign here.

3. Granite State Punk – THE COVEN – Punk Rock! Horror!

Travis Gibb presents “Granite State Punk: The Coven,” a unique blend of Punk Rock and Horror set against the backdrop of Witches, New Hampshire, Youth, and Addiction. This gritty narrative has appealed to a wide audience, reflected in its $5,360 funding, reaching 107% of its goal with a mere 52 hours left. The Palm Bay, FL-based campaign offers a rare glimpse into a world where music and supernatural elements collide. Explore this project here.

4. Corruptor Issue 1

“Corruptor Issue 1,” by Edward Davis, tells the haunting tale of a slain hitman who finds himself in the employ of Hell, tasked with corrupting souls as the world nears its end. This Highland, CA-based campaign has intrigued many, raising $1,515, which is 151% of its intended target, with 13 days still on the clock. The comic book weaves a narrative filled with dark themes and suspense. Support their story here.


Wise Acre brings to life “MAGNUS ISSUE #4,” continuing the epic saga of an intergalactic war where Magnus stands at destiny’s precipice. This Goodyear, AZ-based project has successfully raised $2,961, achieving 197% of its funding goal with 10 days to go. The series promises to be a riveting installment for fans of interstellar conflicts and epic narratives. Join the adventure here.

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