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REVIEW: Transformers: Generations #9


REVIEW: Transformers: Generations #9

Book Title: Transformers: Generations #9

Book Description: It’s a desperate time to be a Transformer on Earth. The Autobots are still reeling from the loss of Optimus Prime. They need a leader to move forward. The rub is the Autobots can’t come to an agreement regarding who is most fit to lead. Grimlock tries to take the mantle by bullying and intimidation. That doesn’t go well for the exiled Dinobot Commander.

In the Decepticons camp they’re trying to justify the amount of energy being used to keep the space bridge open between Cybertron and Earth. With Megatron gone, Rat Bat is in charge of how much energy is being expended.

Rat Bat assigns the Decepticons on Earth a dual purpose mission to attempt to get more energon and possibly wipe out the Autobots. He is ordering an attack on the Ark. The Ark is the Autobots’ spaceship that has been serving as their base of operations since it crashed in the Cascade Mountains millions of years ago.

Rat Bat has just the Decepticon for the job. He’s sending in one of the biggest guns he’s got. He’s sending Trypticon on this assault. Trypticon has two modes: a Decepticon outpost and the Transformers equivalent of Mechagodzilla. He’s big and filled with a lot of anger and destructive potential.

That destructive potential gets unleashed on the Autobots in the Ark. Trypticon has the Autobots disabled and at his mercy until the Dinobots burst on the scene and give him a good run for his money. They may not be able to do enough damage to deactivate Trypticon; but they can make him expend his allocation of energy for this mission. Trypticon is forced to get on the space bridge back to Cybertron.

When the Autobots convene afterwards they decide to make Grimlock their leader. Long live the king.

Book Author: Bob Budiansky

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: IDW Publishing

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Don Perlin

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This issue was published in 2006. That publication was a reprint of Marvel’s 1987 printing of Transformers #27. It deserves to be reprinted. It’s a timeless classic. This issue is the first time we see Trypticon and Rat Bat. Additionally, this issue propels us into a very interesting dynamic for the Autobots by placing Grimlock at the helm. Grimlock is probably my favorite Autobot; but he certainly doesn’t demonstrate the leadership qualities one would like to see when the firefight is over.

Herb Trimpe’s original cover for this issue was iconic. This cover gives us a different take on it. This cover does a magnificent job of depicting what a knock down drag out battle it was between the Dinobots and Trypticon.

Even with the printers of the time, the artwork on the interior pages captures the imagination. As much as I loved the battle royale, watching Swoop steal the semi trailer from the truck stop has always been one of my favorite panels in this issue.

There are several different routes you can go about to read this story. The cheapest option is going with the digital copy on ComiXology. That will set you back about $2.00. You can find this issue on eBay for about $6.50 shipped. If you want to go with the original copy, it’s available for about $10 shipped on eBay. The geek on a budget in me loves this issue so much that I have it in all three formats. Anyone that loves all things “Robots in Disguise” will enjoy this no matter which format it’s in!

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