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REVIEW: Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella vs. Zombies


REVIEW: Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella vs. Zombies

Book Title: Grimm Spotlight: Cinderella vs. Zombies

Book Description: After having a rough go of things in New York City, Cinderella decides to hit the reset button and moves to Toronto. Cindy is starting to get herself established there when she goes on a date.

It’s the first date from Hell. The guy is loud, obnoxious, and thinks he’s God’s gift to women. It’s such a bad date that the zombie apocalypse that has just begun is more appealing to Cinderella than spending another minute with this creep.

After some detective work that’s more blind luck than investigating, Cinderella figures out the source of the Zombie Apocalypse. She slices and dices her way through the zombies and arrives at the building across the street from ground zero for this mess. She even picks up a few comrades in arms along the way.

Before you can say, “Mother Pumpkin” things go sideways and Cinderella finds herself airborne and flying from the rooftop she was on into the base of the zombie outbreak. From there she uses her wit and charm to negotiate a stop to things.

Book Author: Dave Franchini

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Zenescope

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Jordi Tarragona

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


I like a lot of weird stuff; but zombie stories usually aren’t my go to genre. I went out of my way to pick this one up because when Dave Franchini writes a story it deserves one’s attention.

This story was a fun, spirited adventure. There are a couple of zingers that I am adding to my mental arsenal for a special moment when nothing but the finest of insults will do.

There are a couple moments along the way that are a little slow. It happens sometimes. There’s also a moment when an editor’s note points out something that should have been obvious when we first saw it. That doesn’t happen often. I appreciated the laugh on that.

The cover artwork is Zenescope doing what they do best. They’ve been tremendous at putting out eye-catching covers for years. This one follows that great line. The zombie head hanging from the dvd of the spear maybe a little over the top, but it definitely makes you notice this book.

The artwork on the interior pages rises to the challenge from the gauntlet that was thrown down by the cover. The lines are crisp. The coloring is terrific. It’s everything that we would come to expect from a powerhouse like Zenescope.

The story is good. The artwork is terrific. The geek on a budget in me has trouble getting past the $5.99 cover price this one comes with. We get quite a few more pages of content than we would from a standard book, which is where that money goes. While I liked the story and had some laughs I didn’t like it to the tune of six dollars. I would recommend waiting for this one to hit the ding and dent section.

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