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REVIEW: Never, Never #4


REVIEW: Never, Never #4

Book Title: Never, Never #4

Book Description: Winter has great worth to Captain Hook and herself. To realize that worth she must believe in herself. The first step towards finding that belief is going into hand to hand combat with one of the Lost Boys.

After the fight Captain Hook gives us a history lesson about the madness that has taken place in Neverland. What’s more disturbing is that Pan confirms these things in a discussion with Tiger.

Everything is coming to a head. There’s a downpour of rain that all sides are utilizing to regroup and scheme. The Lost Boys are ready to play. Hook and Winter find themselves getting allies from an unlikely source.

Book Author: Mark McCann

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: VRUS/Heavy Metal

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Phil Buckenham

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


As I’ve delved deeper and deeper into Never, Never I find myself asking, “Did Mr. McCann really just….?”

It’s a rhetorical question. The answer is always, ”Yes”. Mr. McCann has been firing on all cylinders, leaving a wake of stunned readers begging for more.

When I first started into this series I was excited to not have another blasé Peter/Wendy story. The notion that this would turn into a battle to see who would kill who first never dawned on me when I bought the first issue.

The artwork on the covers for this series have been stupendous! One can easily make an argument for why each of the four covers is the best and be right. I love how the pixies are getting in the mix, too.

The interior artwork is still rock solid. It does a great job maintaining the balance between vague and vivid, depending on the scene. I’m looking forward to seeing some vivid panels of Tick Tock in the next issue!

As a geek on a budget Never, Never #4 checks all the boxes. It has movie poster quality covers, a story that blows readers away, and artwork that completely immerses the reader in the story. This is one of the MUST READ titles of 2021!

If you were late to the party getting individual issues of Never, Never, don’t fret. A trade paperback is coming! You can preorder yours now on Hurry! They’re going to be gone in a Tick Tock.

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