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Review: The Table


Review: The Table

The Table is one of those rare treats that shows up in a reviewer’s inbox. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of really great stories come through The Indie Comix Dispatch, but The Table is one of those rare gems that keep me thinking about it for days after I’ve finished reading it. The Table is a 212-page graphic novel by Gustavo Soria, originally published as an eight-chapter webcomic, about a group of Recently graduates high school students who fight to end their country’s civil war.

Soria is a graphic designer by day and comic creator by night. He is the founder of Zigma Comics, home of several webcomics. He says of himself, “How I came to be a creator is kinda complex but the short answer is my love of this art form drove me to become one.”

Soria’s book is a wonderful mix of The Usual Suspects meets Red Dawn meets V for Vendetta, all wrapped up in a graphic novel. From the first chapter, the story is a compelling read that leaves both desperately wanting to know the ending and dreading the conclusion all at the same time. 

The Table takes place in an unnamed Central American country. According to Soria, a Guatemalan native, “I got inspiration from Guatemala, yes, but I drew my main inspiration from Latin America as a whole because almost every country went through a civil war during the same period. If you pay close attention, I never specify where the story is taking place. It could be happening anywhere, it’s up to the reader to decide where.”

The art in The Table is simple, yet powerful. The simple panel construction allows the reader to focus solely on the story. Most panels are black and white with a sparse coloring added for character identification or story impact. Soria’s simple art style is not a bad thing for this story, it draws the reader into the story without inhibition or hang-ups. It clears away the fluff and allows you to slowly be brought into Soria’s powerful narrative. 

The Table is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. It will leave you guessing until the very end and even then, you’ll be lucky if all your questions are answered. This is Soria’s first full-length graphic novel, and I expect we’ll see much bigger things from him in the future. You can read The Table for free on the Zigma Comics website ( or order a print copy from Amazon. 

From Zigma Comics:

In the mid-1980s, a group of High School seniors bands together to end a civil war that perverts every facet of their lives. Together, they become a vigilante group that targets both sides of the armed conflict and shapes the history of their nation…but every action has its consequences. An action-thriller in the vein of Watchmen and V for Vendetta, “The Table” blends vigilantes, mystery, drama, and war epic into an unforgettable tale that’s as brutal as it is thought-provoking.. Gustavo Soria is a Guatemalan graphic designer. He co-founded “Monkeydise Studios”, a design firm that has proven to showcase his best personal projects working next to other great professionals. “The Table” is his debut graphic novel, under his own personal brand “Zigma Comics” which promises to deliver some thrilling and engaging stories.

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