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REVIEW: The Saturn Effect: Alpha


REVIEW: The Saturn Effect: Alpha

Creative Team:

Chris Moses- Creator/Writer
Francesco Mazzoli- Artist
Marco D’Alessandro- Colorist
Reed Hinckley-Barnes- Letterer

About The Book:

Two years after the end of a war between Earth and the new Titan colonies, two siblings, Alpha and Centauri try to unite the now Earth Occupied Mega Stations, and the people of Titan.

Rating: 4-Stars

Story: .5-Stars (Great potential, but a confusing start)
Art: 1-Star (Immersive and beautiful sci-fi art)
Dialogue: .75-Stars (Plot is propelled through the dialogue nicely)
Mechanics: .75-Stars (Story structure and character development are handled properly)
Editing: 1-Star (No noticeable errors)

Reviewer Notes:

The Saturn Effect: Alpha is a follow-up series, and set in the same universe as, The Saturn Effect. I’ll be honest, I had to Google to see if this was a follow-up because it makes no mention of the first series, but it definitely assumes the reader is knowledgeable about what is happening. I, however, did not have that knowledge and it made for a confusing read at first. That being said, by the end of issue 2 I was picking up all the dynamics and getting into the story. I have to say, reading these two issues of The Saturn Effect: Alpha, I really want to get the original series to see what I’m missing out on!

All that being said, The Saturn Effect: Alpha is a great read! I have been lucky in my review selections recently, I keep pulling entertaining sci-fi reads. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that alpha definitely gives off a Total Recall vibe, but the story is building in a unique, complex narrative that just makes the Total Recall vibes lend a sense of nostalgia to the story. Moses is crafting something really special here, and I can’t wait for issue 3.

Mazzoli’s art definitely needs recognition here too. The art in Alpha helps keep you engaged, even when you’re unsure of where the plot is headed. The splash pages help paint the picture of the vastness of space and the station. D’Alessandro’s colors pair perfectly with Mazzoli’s illustrations to make The Saturn Effect: Alpha a visually epic sci-fi adventure.

Get The Series:

You can support issues 1 & 2 soon on Kickstarter:

Also you can find a free three issue installment also in the universe at

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