Creative Team:

Story and art by Edigbe Ubido

, reVIEW: Birth of The Goldenarm, The Indie Comix Dispatch

About the book:

The Birth of Goldenarm is a sci-fi graphic novel about an alternate tale of the solar system we live in today. 

Earth, which has historically closed itself off from all others in the solar system, decides to open into borders to other life forms to strengthen its economy and progress its technology. However, as aliens from all planets in the solar system are integrated into society, threats arise from beings more advanced than the Earth can cope with. Frederic Vornstryke, a half Earthling half Satonian, at a young age witnesses the horror which these arising outlaws can inflict. This trauma sets him on a path to protect those who cannot protect themselves. When a greater threat than even he can manage threatens the entire solar system, the God of Saturn, Raikomi, bonds with him giving him powers beyond belief to put things right.

Rating: 3.75-stars

Story: .75-stars (a unique story with a lot of potential)

Art: .5-stars (The art is fun, but  but one-dimensional)

Dialogue: .75-stars (Not a ton of dialogue, but what’s there works and propels the narrative)

Mechanics: .75-stars (a well-structured opening chapter)

Editing: 1-star (well-edited, no obvious errors)

Reviewer Notes:

The sci-fi books just keep coming! Actually, I don’t know if Ubido would consider The Birth of Goldenarm a superhero book or a sci-fi book, it works under either really. Goldenarm  is set in an alternate reality where most, if not all, planets in our solar system have life and those life forms interact with each other. It’s a unique concept and fun story being built. Ubido’s set-up of this opening chapter is enough to keep me reading, even if it is a bit of an info dump, and it will be interesting to see where the story goes next. 

The art is fun, not necessarily your usual comic art, but that’s because Ubido isn’t a traditional artist. All the art in Goldenarm is created in PowerPoint. That’s right, PowerPoint. I almost gave it a full star just for the effort that must take! But, alas, I had to judge it like I would any other comic art. But seriously, PowerPoint? I can barely animate a textbox in PowerPoint!

I happen to know that Ubido has several more chapters ready to go, so you can confidently jump into The Birth of Goldenarm knowing its a series that will keep coming and unfolding!