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REVIEW: The Convictor: Hunter’s Moon


REVIEW: The Convictor: Hunter’s Moon

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13

Creative Team:

Writer: Jason Pharo
Artist: Jason Pharo
Colors: Cristiano Cruz
Letters/Layouts: Chris Michaels
Cover: Dennis Valencia
Publisher: Pharos Creative Studios 


Artwork: .75 Stars (I liked how well the balance between not enough detail and sensory overload was maintained. There’s one panel with Talbots that is especially powerful.)

Story: .75 Stars (There are a couple of subplots mixed in with the primary story, which gives this book more depth. I am left wondering who “She” is and why Dracula wants her avatar dead so badly.)

Dialogue: .75 Stars (The dialogue does a wonderful job of showing the power struggle between Dracula and Talbet. It also gives the reader a lot of information while propelling the story along.)

Mechanics: .75 Stars (The story moves at a fast pace and is easy to fall into. I would have liked to see more character development on Convictor. Other than the fact that he was once known as Matt Brocklin we don’t learn much about him. I like to think we’ll learn more in future issues.

Editing: .75 Stars (I loved the editor’s notes. They gave us a lot of information that helped with the settings of the story. The fonts used for Talbet and Mechina were difficult to read in some panels.)

About the Book:

Dracula is alive (at least as alive as a vampire can be) and well. His ability to keep everything in his dominion under control is threatened by the presence of a woman’s avatar, the Convictor. Dracula sends a subservient werewolf named Talbet to eradicate this problem.

Reviewer’s Notes:

I found “The Convictor: Hunter’s Moon” on Kickstarter. Like anything in your local comic book store, Kickstarter books can run the gambit from being the “Great American Novel” to a severe disappointment. In the case of Kickstarters I’m willing to take the chance because rather than giving your money to a corporate entity you’re helping someone fulfill their dream.

I found this book to be very entertaining. There’s a lot of action in it, which makes for a fast paced story. If I had to compare it with anything else I have read I’d say it reminds me most of “The Incredible Hulk” #181. That book is now a grail on many people’s wish lists.

There were a few laughs to be had along the way. The Liefeld 3000 Pulse Rifle gave me a good chuckle. I could see him drawing something like that. I also enjoyed the homage to Konkret Comics with the “Keeping it Konkret” tv show in one panel. The Convictor reminds me of Deathstroke or Snake Eyes with more tech. As if they weren’t lethal enough already.

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