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Review: The Ax-Man from Plastic Sword Press


Review: The Ax-Man from Plastic Sword Press

Imagine attending medical school and graduating having the idea that you will save the world. As a new doctor, you can cure disease and save thousands of lives, yet you quickly realize that you are the complete opposite of a savior. The Ax-Man is set in a world where a new virus, with no cure, rages. Instead of saving the patients from the hostile virus, you become the eliminator. This is the story of The Ax-Man, a sci-fi, medical thriller about the operatives tasked with hunting patient zeros before new diseases can spread.

The Ax-Man focuses on Jason, who is later revealed to be a doctor trained to save people from the malicious virus. Ironically, Jason must now be the one who has to remorsefully and privately eliminate the patients. Taking directions from his handler, Jason makes executed decisions by turning off his radio and eliminate patients whether if he was ordered to or not. Jason will not allow this event to be televised or broadcast in the news.

The story unfolds in the midst of all of the chaos of the virus, civil unrest, and looting. Throughout the story, Jason manages to still fulfill his duties as a physician. With the help of another physician, the two team up to find a cure and inoculate a patient that is contaminated with the evolving virus. Since none of the patients know they are infected, Jason has to put his life at risk as “The Ax-Man,” and collect 100 samples – just like our doctors of today are currently putting their lives ask risk for a better tomorrow.

The Ax- Man is a horrifying, mind-blowing, zombie-evolving work of art. What better way to open up our eyes in today’s world. Especially with the evolution of the new viruses and pandemics across the world. 

The Ax- Man shows how one doctor goes into contaminated places where the virus continues to evolve at alarming rates and places himself at risk to save a nation.  Sounds Familiar? At a time like this, The Ax Man is a reassuring read.  One may wonder how it is reassuring when people are dying,  this is simple, it reminds us that someone, even in a time like this, is out there in the trenches fighting for us. To say in not so many words, The Ax-Man gives us hope that we will get through our current pandemic, and the sun will shine even brighter.

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