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Review: Memoirs of a Monster


Review: Memoirs of a Monster

Memoirs of a Monster is a horror comic by Newton Toney and Ray Perilloux published by Frightening Icons. The team introduces the book as follows:

Centuries ago a secret order of masterful occultists used spells and dark magic captured by an ancient demon. That demon was known to them only as “The Father”. In fact, this diety was not a mere leader, but a weaver of stories and tales of monsters and all things men fear! The secret order was interested in disrupting the natural world using these monsters and powers of witchcraft. Thus a bargain was struck between the Father and the leaders of the occult world.

Memoirs of a Monster Issue 1

The book gives a fun mix of eldritch and traditional monsters-in-the-night horror. It tells about an eldritch horror known only as The Father, recreating a dead serial killer into an ax-throwing, hook-handed monster named Big Chuck. In this first issue, Big Chuck pursues two lovers names Karyn and James. It’s unclear why he is pursuing these two, but it’s clear that Karyn has some connection to Big Chuck.

It is a very interesting take on horror, with elements reminding me of the Hook Man folk legend, and others similar to the Lovecraftian monstrosity Yog-Sothoth. Although, it is a bit unclear who we as the audience are supposed to empathize with, I am confident that will be cleared up in future issues. The artwork is good, though at times there are slight perspective issues that could be improved upon, however, the coloring is great and helps make the small issues less noticeable. Overall, it is quite a good, comic, and I can’t wait for future issues.    

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