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REVIEW: Salvation #1


REVIEW: Salvation #1

Book Title: Salvation #1

Book Description: On the trail of a lead from Priestess Luciya, Vahn arrives in the tropical city of Selise. Getting no aid from the locals on where to go next, he is eventually given a tip to head to the sanctuary. Unwelcome by the guards, Vahn meets an elderly drunk who quickly deduces that he is part demon. Revealing himself to be an ally, the two break bread until a nobleman of the church approaches Vahn and begins a scuffle. The two break out into a sword fight in which Vahn quickly turns the tide, sparring the man’s life. The lead in question, a warlock by the name of Soloman, appears in the commotion and takes Vahn to his temple. There they study his curse mark until Vahn is permitted to explore the structure where he is confronted by Soloman’s apprentice, Alric. Soloman soon breaks up their scuffle and begins a ritual to remove Vahn’s curse mark, though it does not succeed. Shortly after, the trio is attacked by a host of small demons before two more sentient demons, Pagan and Xeryn, reveal themselves. Vahn fights the two in the woods surrounding the temple, though they easily handle him until his rage finds him. In this enraged state he surprises the duo and defeats them both. Completely spent, Vahn seemingly passes in in the forest with a trail of blood in his wake.

Book Author: Terence Young

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Animation Comics Entertainment

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Dwayne Robinson Jr.

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Salvation #1’s story improves with a necessary dose of worldbuilding to balance its action. Here Vahn is allowed to express himself more while dealing with archetypes such as the sage, the rival, and so on. The lore expressed in the second half of the issue makes a great effort not to stymie the action and in fact adds to the mystery.

While the cover art is shared with issue #0, the interior art is brighter and even cleaner than its predecessor; a nice creative note to make the world feel larger. The continuity of the combat was improved as well and the final fight was a page-turner!

The dialogue is a solid continuation and does the reader the service of simplicity where fantasy can be a bit overwhelming in the first few installments. The mechanics and editing also did well with their synergy.

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