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REVIEW: Lords of the Cosmos


REVIEW: Lords of the Cosmos

Jason Lenox – Co-creator/pencils main story/main covers

Dennis Fallon – Co-creator/writer

Jason Palmatier – Co-creator/writer/letterer

”A nod to the glorious mayhem of 1980s comics and cartoons, LORDS OF THE COSMOS is the tale of the exotic planet Aiden, a plan we et lost to space and time. Here, all manner of escaped supervillains, heinous inter-dimensional demons, exiled Earth gods and ancient bio-wizards struggle on a hostile world controlled by a sentient, planet-wide machine.”

We get a lot of books to review at The Dispatch, some great, most OK, and some meh. With the title of Lords of the Cosmos, I wasn’t sure where this book would land. But I quickly fell in love with the series and the world of Aiden! By the time I finished issue 3, I knew this series was an easy 5-star rating, and I eagerly await issue 4!



I love this story! Lenox creates a story reminiscent of He-Man, ThunderCats, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars all wrapped into one fantastic world! On the planet Aiden a great evil is awakening and spreading, threatening the peaceful world with war again. Umex, a dark foe long thought dead is alive and spreading his disease across the planet’s surface again. Only the Lords of the Cosmos can stop him again, but will they?

A cast of villains and potential heroes begin to emerge as Aiden races toward war! This story pulls all the nostalgia strings while managing to also create something new and unique! 



The art is fantastic and again to that He-Man vibe. I’ve had a couple conversations lately with people trash talking black and white comic art, those people are stupid. The black and white art in Lords of the Cosmos stands up to any colored art, in my opinion. At times, modern, colored comic art can be a bit too intense and actually detract from the art with too much flare and gradients. The art here is very well done and executed with incredible detail!



The dialogue is solid and gives off the same 80’s, dramatic vibe you’d want out of this series. The bad guys come off, well… bad, and the good guys communicate with a sense of honor and mission.



I found no issues with editing. The books are well edited and comes through as a professional, cohesive story with no grammatical or spelling errors.


OMG, the mechanics of this story are magnificent. Not only is the story well crafted and pages nicely constructed, but Lenox also introduces additional history, lore, and myth by including fictitious callbacks to other series that go deep into Aiden’s history and create a sense of depth to the story. What’s even better is the creative team is adding short 1-shot stories at the end of each issue that tie-in with these callbacks! It really adds to the sense that there is a deep history here similar to Tolkien’s depth of history in Middle Earth. It is, quite simply, brilliant!

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