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REVIEW: I Make Boys Cry #1


REVIEW: I Make Boys Cry #1

Creator/Designer: Jamie Tyndall
Coc-Creator/Writer: Benny R. Powell
Pencils and Inks: Ronilson Freire
Colors: Fahriza Kamaputra
Letters: Benny R. Powell
Cover: Jamie Tyndall, Creees, and Ariel Diaz
Publisher: Absolute Comics Group

“I Make Boys Cry” is a new title that’s a spin-off of “White Widow”. To bring you up to speed, a teenage girl named Gabrielle Garcia is White Widow. Her backstory is that she had a genetic disorder that was going to kill her. Her parents were scientists. They made an experimental cure for Gabrielle. 

It worked like a charm when it came to curing the disease. The trade off was there were side effects. Gabrielle developed spider-like abilities and has some nanotechnology flowing around in her bloodstream.

In essence she became the best parts of Venom and Black Widow without having a time limit on how long she can wear the suit before it permanently bonds to her.

In issue #5 of “White Widow” Gabrielle encountered someone from IMBC, which is a group of black ops assassins, that eventually recruits Gabrielle. In “I Make Boys Cry” #1 we get a glimpse of Gabrielle’s training as well as a front row seat for her final exam: Go on a mission with the team and eliminate the target.

Will White Widow be up to the task, or will she crack under pressure?


.75 Stars 

I absolutely LOVED this cover! It’s like a mashup of Black Mamba and Go Go from Kill Bill. The interior artwork is well done and overall it maintained the balance between being too detailed and blasé. 


.75 Stars 

I enjoyed the premise of the story. It moves along at a very steady pace with lots of action. I’d like to get the opportunity to learn more about the other girls at IMBC in future issues.


.75 Stars 

The dialogue does a great job as a narrator for our story. I enjoyed the openness between the girls regarding whether or not they hate one another. 


.75 Stars 

The lettering in “I Make Boys Cry” is well done in a color and font that are easily readable. There was one panel that must have been overlooked, because there are no facial features on either character in the panel. It doesn’t effect the story though.


.75 Stars 

This book is a fun read that is very easy to fall into. It has enough twists and turns to keep the reader on their toes throughout the entire issue.

There’s some language in here that would make me pump the brakes a bit before handing a copy over to my nine year old. In fairness the cover says 13+ right next to the price tag so the marketing team isn’t hiding anything. 

At the end of the day I found “I Make Boys Cry” #1 to be entertaining. I look forward to seeing where this story is going!

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