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REVIEW: Kinetic #1


REVIEW: Kinetic #1

Book Title: Kinetic #1

Book Description: Kinetic takes place in Velo City, a town that reminds me of Chicago. Velo City is home to the famous superhero, the Iron Ascender. One of the story’s main characters, John Chang, is a huge fan of the Ascender. So much so that on a ride with his brother, Jim, he wrecks his motorcycle because he’s watching the Ascender in flight.

John’s okay but the bike’s exhaust took quite a beating. Zip ties can fix just about anything though. When the brothers get to their family’s store we hear some of the negative aspects about the Iron Ascender.

According to John’s family, Iron Ascender doesn’t actually care about the people in Velo City. Why doesn’t he do something to help with the crime in the South Side? How great is he when the cameras aren’t rolling? John walks away thinking the South Side needs a hero.

Later John and Jimmy are walking the motorcycles home when a girl from their school screams for help. Her friend, Michelle, is about to be part of some sort of sacrifice.

Jimmy steps in and punches a man holding a knife and wearing a purple suit with a top hat. He quickly regrets bringing his fists to a knife fight. The man in purple takes Jimmy out with a knife slash through the torso.

John must step in. He throws a punch; but the man in purple is impossibly fast. Then his hand starts glowing and a pulse sends the assailant flying. This has happened to John before. Right now that doesn’t matter. Jimmy has lost a lot of blood and needs immediate medical attention.

John sees the Iron Ascender flying by overhead and screams for help. The Ascender doesn’t even slow down, essentially leaving Jimmy to die. Never meet your heroes.

After that, John decides that if the Iron Ascender is just going to let bad things happen in the South Side, someone has to fight for the people. John puts on a costume, works on utilizing his powers and becomes: KINETIC.

Book Author: Bill Coulombe

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Y Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Rafael Chrestani

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


“Never meet your heroes” is the underlying theme of Kinetic #1. In John’s case it’s a valid one. The Iron Ascender was supposed to be this great person…. And he let Jimmy die. The amount of empathy that scene creates is uncanny. In one fell swoop John has lost his best friend and brother as well as learned that his devotion to the Iron Ascender has been for naught.

It’s fairly clear that the Iron Ascender is a play on Iron Man. I think it’s a perfect fit. Aside from Harley Quinn there are few “heroes” with as many fatal flaws as Tony Stark. We’ve seen this demonstrated time and again, both in the movies and the comics.

There isn’t a thing that I would change about this cover. The cover artwork on this issue does everything that a cover is supposed to do. The crisp line artwork is coupled with great coloring to make it jump out and catch the attention of anyone passing by.

From the very first page it’s easy to see that the team of Chrestani and Remelante brought their “A Game”. The artwork is phenomenal the whole way through. I appreciated how well done the different facial expressions throughout the book were.

Usually the first issue in a new series has trouble balancing the fine lines between developing characters, creating a solid setting, and telling a good story. Overall, in Kinetic these tasks were all accomplished with relative ease.

When Mr. Coulombe told me about Kinetic at Lilac City Comic-Con: 2021 the premise sounded interesting enough that I bought the eight book run for the series on the spot. After round one this geek on a budget says it was money well spent.

For under $6.00 shipped, you can get your own copy of Kinetic #1 at:

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