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REVIEW: Hellcop #1


REVIEW: Hellcop #1

Book Title: Hellcop #1

Book Description: Mankind has developed the ability to travel between dimensions. There has been a government project to research all of the new dimensions that have been discovered. Then they happened across Known Reality Plane (KRP) 1301-A.

KRP 1301-A is literally Hell. The Underworld, the seven circles, everything you’ve been brought up to believe, and more. As a countermeasure to demons coming from this plane of existence to Earth a special division called Hellcops was created.

Lieutenant Virgil Hilts is the main character in this adventure. During an encounter with an ice demon Hilts ends up with a small neck pouch that contains an amulet of sorts. When Hilts does a computer scan of the amulet the computer has no additional information.

That piques Hilts’ curiosity and gets him to ask around. Nobody knows what the amulet is. The more shoulder shrugs he gets, the more Hilts makes it a personal quest to discover what mysteries this amulet could hold.

In a bar Virgil finally gets a break. A politician giving a speech on the news has ornamental jewelry on their tie that matches the amulet. Our hero makes a note to do some digging on the politician’s background. Will this lead to an answer or pull Hilts further down the rabbit hole?

Book Author: Brian Haberlin

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Image Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Brian Haberlin

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


In life outside of comics I have had a lot on my plate the last two months. Hellcop #1 is a title that flew under the radar because of these life events. I didn’t know about this title until it showed up on the shelf on New Comic Book Day.

This story has a terrific premise. It does a fantastic job of being unique enough to stand out yet not so unique that it’s difficult to follow. I’m eager to see more character development as we move along. Aside from knowing his wife passed away, we know almost nothing about Hilts.

Character development usually gets sacrificed in favor of plot in the first issue of a series. With Hellcop #1 I’ll take that trade all day long because in the short term it works.

As soon as I saw this cover I was interested. This cover gives us the promise of exciting tech, adventure, and monsters! What more could you want in a first issue?

The interior artwork follows up the cover with more great work. Starting with the very first page we’re treated to a barrage of detailed panels that runs nonstop. I loved all the panels depicting the different creatures that Hilts was speaking with about the amulet.

As a geek on a budget I am very impressed with the first issue of Hellcop. It has a lot of action on a great foundation for a plot. This one has the potential to go higher than a demon snorting saccharine!

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