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PREVIEW: The Antagonists #4


PREVIEW: The Antagonists #4


Book Description: In the preview pages of the fourth installment of the Antagonists, it’s lights, camera, A.C.T.I.O.N as the American Counter Terrorist Inquiry of Nemesis joins the fray. Here we follow Agent Owens as he visits a detention facility for the elite and superpowered. However within the confines of the facility, the bounty hunter Deathtoll frees and subsequently mutilates three monstrous inmates Dr. Lupin, Raptor, and Milkman.

While Owens shares his disappointment at Deathtoll’s failure to capture the three he quickly pivots to the important matters: The Evals. Deathtoll voices his skepticism of the Agent English delusional fixation on finding Destructus and Ultima, but he heeds Owens’ warnings. We cut to the Evals and pick up right where we left off in issue three with a visit from some rather...enthusiastic neighbors. Who and what is coming for the Eval family next? Head over to Kickstarter this November and back The Antagonists: Issues #4-6 to find out!

Book Author: Tyler F. Martin

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Godhood Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Hubert Michael Kahn


The preview pages for The Antagonists #4 promises a savage yet capable new player in Deathtoll. The mystery behind his ties to Agent Owens and English continue to build on the world Martin has created as well. The pencils and colors are sensational as usual, though the unsung job by the editor and letterers should be just as celebrated here. The team, no matter who’s in, is improving the quality of this up and coming indie favorite.

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