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REVIEW: Duplicant #1


REVIEW: Duplicant #1

Description: Set in the future during a pandemic of organ failure, a scientist becomes a victim of his own life-saving technology.

Creative Team:

Karla Nappi – Writer/Creator
Marianna Strychowska – Interior art (pencils, inks and colors)
Josh Reed- Lettering/production issue 1
Leila del Duca and Owen Gieni- Cover art
Vince Hernandez- Editor Issue 1

When I first heard of this series and given the chance to review it, I was very excited. Much like the creator, I share a love for dystopian future movies such as Elysium, District 9, and Total Recall. From the title and description, I had thought the story was going in the direction of something similar to the movie Surrogates, but I was happily wrong and loved where the story was going. Reading this first issue has really intrigued to see how things play out in the upcoming issues. I would say this would be a great read for those who enjoy dystopian futures, mystery, and sci-fi.  

STORY .75-stars

The story starts off just how I would imagine a series in a dystopian future would open, right into chaos. Through the first issue the story takes you through what is happening and how this future is shaping out. It shows how this life-saving technology comes with a price. I will state that though this is the prologue issue, a few more pages in the beginning to set up the story would have been helpful. A warning at the beginning of the comic for some pages might be helpful as well as it could be triggering to some readers. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to issue 2. 

ART 1 -stars

The art was beautifully done from the colors that were used and the details captured for each character. The details were so well done you could see the lines on people hands, the frowns, and dread on characters faces just to name a few. The most important thing is that artwork was consistent throughout the issue. 

DIALOGUE  1 -stars

The dialogue was very well crafted. As the reader, I was able to easily know when there was narration happening or dialogue between characters. This distinction was done by using different colors for the narration and dialogue boxes. The speech bubbles were not overly done on each of the panels and it really helped to not take away from the art. 


The story was beautifully told from panel to panel, while using most of the panels. The notion to use 2-3 panels in most of the pages, allowed the artist to work their magic while giving the necessary space for the dialogue to take place.  

EDITING  1-star

This issue did not have any major errors that would distract the reader from reading this issue or derail the flow. As this issue had a dedicated editor, it really did show how important this step is in the creation of any comic.   

Overall, this was an amazing first issue and I could see great things to come from this series. I would highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself when it hits store shelves in April 2021. 

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