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Book Title: Florida Man #3

Book Description: Gary Kuba has seen it all. He’s been on top of the financial world after winning the lottery. He’s also been so down that he’s tried to hock a baseball card for some gas money. Gary always has some scheme to get a little bit of extra income. Gary’s girlfriend is a professional wrestler. When she doesn’t get paid for working a show we see Gary move on to the next trick: how to get a free meal at an expensive restaurant for free.

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Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:
Writer: Michael A. Baron
Artist: Marcelo Salaza
Colors: Ichsan Ansori
Letters: Warren Montgomery
Cover: Joe Comstock
Editor: Chris Braly
Publisher: American Mythology

Story: 2.8 Stars 
Artwork: 4.0 Stars 
Cover Artwork: 2.9 Stars 
Dialogue: 3.2 Stars 
Mechanics: 3.4 Stars 
Editing: 3.3 Stars

Reader’s Notes
Florida Man – the hero you didn’t want or need… But is he ever entertaining! This series is based off of the collection of random news reports you hear about on assorted morning radio shows. The reports focus on the exploits of “Florida Man” because a citizen of Florida has done something so outlandish that it’s newsworthy. 

Embodying all of these individuals into one gives us the title character, “Florida Man”. It isn’t the great American novel. It’s more like a visitor’s guidebook to what to expect when visiting America. You’ll find yourself simultaneously rolling your eyes and laughing out loud at Gary’s get rich quick schemes.

The artwork on the interior pages is solid. We get plenty of detail, which helps pull the reader deeper into the story. I enjoyed the panels from the wrestling match.

As a geek on a budget I believe “Florida Man” is worth looking into. It is great for some laughs as we watch Gary go from one unusual situation to the next as we get a testimonial on the state of affairs in much more of our country than our citizens and leaders would like to believe.

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