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Book Title: Until My Knuckles Bleed

Book Description: What happens when a super soldier or even a superhero retires, do they get to live on the beach? Spend their days in comfort? Or do they have to find a meager living and try to find a new life. This wonderful adventure centers on the very concept of what a super soldier or superhero has to do to survive retirement, the side effects of their abilities and how to live a normal life!

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Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team
Created by: Victor Santos
Publisher: Sumerian Comics / Behemoth Comics

Story: 3.8 Stars 
Interior Artwork: 3.7 Stars 
Cover Artwork: 3.7 Stars 
Dialogue: 3.3 Stars 
Mechanics: 3.2 Stars 
Editing: 3.0 Stars

Reviewer’s Notes:
This story addresses something that I have only seen in a handful of stories.  What happens when those that have super abilities spend their prime days, finally retire and walk away? The way that this story handles that dilemma is intriguing.

It wonderfully addresses some very real consequences of not dying a hero’s death so to speak.  The characters are easy to relate to as they deal with very normal struggles, to include just being forgotten.  The author does a great job of making each character stand up off the page and become noticed, allowing the reader to have genuine concern for the characters well being.

But in that realism comes some very real life other aspects of a person’s life, that said this book is not really meant for kids, and while I enjoyed the story I do recommend 18 and over to read said story!

The cover artwork is striking to say the least, it matches the title of the book with a stark white background highlighting what ends up being the main character, but also by no means does it give the details to the book just by looking at the cover.  Adding in my opinion to the general intrigue that this story gives off.

The interior artwork I found quite enjoyable as it reminds me of a certain artist who had a popular kids tv show that aired in the 90’s and early 2000’s about a certain caped crusader.  But in the same sense there is a time jump that is back and forth from the past and present, and the very obvious differences between the two make it easy to follow and understand, when put next to the words that tell the story!

All and all I definitely see this story developing into something quite enjoyable that makes me want to add it to my collection!

As your curator of the Historical Documents of the Imagination I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you enjoyed my review of this story please support the creators of this story!

May the historical documents of the imagination always inspire!  Thanks for reading!

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