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REVIEW: Chronology Xero #2


REVIEW: Chronology Xero #2

Book Title: Chronology Xero #2

Book Description: After a night of blows and blood, Alejandro is invited to participate in an event in a Neo Nazi tent. Knowing that these are the ones responsible for drug trafficking in his neighborhood, he decides to pay an unfriendly visit to the followers of the Third Reich.

Book Author: John Curio

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: UMC Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Nicolas Giacondino

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


As for the second issue of Chronology Xero, I felt like the series has improved from the first issue in terms of both character development and world building. I kind of like how we get  an everyday life of Xero and that he has supporting parents and he seems to be a normal kid. The only thing that I still have a problem with is that it still does not explain the mysterious origin of his powers nor the rise of Nazis in this world, but it does give us some well-needed world building such as the fair where we see the Neo Nazism is more collective and has more of a social norm, unfortunately. We also see that there are other characters in this world that do appose Neo Nazis. I also wish that it connects to the drug dealing going on in the last issue instead of being propaganda for Nazis. I also kind of wish that they explained more of the role of the other superhero’s that are mentioned in the book and it makes the reader wonder what is Xero’s relationship towards them? Does he idolize them? Does he hate them? I do like the powers of the villain in the story it reminds of transformers in a way and the fact that at the end the book does an excellent job of humanizing the villain at the end when his girlfriend said stop and said that this was her lover. Even though the guy was the scum of the earth because he was a Nazi, he still had people that care about him, and it shows that even the worse people on earth still are human beings. I also like at the end where Damian sets up his own HQ to fight Nazis. I thought that was sweet and it sets up the series going forward. I feel like this should have been a part of the first issue I get it if the issue is supposed to be short, but it ties in so perfectly with the first because it takes place the day before but other than that I like it and cannot wait to see more of it.

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