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REVIEW: Fight Girls #2


REVIEW: Fight Girls #2

Book Title: Fight Girls #2

Book Description: We’re into the second phase of the challenges. This time the ladies are competing in a race across the desert. It’s a nice easy ten mile jaunt from where the girls start this phase of the competition to the teleportation pad that is their goal. Everyone who can complete this challenge is that much closer to claiming the crown! All they have to do is survive the terrain, the creatures that call this area home, and their fellow competitors. Along the way we see some cunning maneuvering to avoid creatures, a death defying fight with a giant scorpion, and a fight that costs both combatants victory. Now things are getting personal in the competition. Elsewhere some individuals are doing some digging into Xandra Blackwater’s (#7) background. Her story doesn’t add up to what’s on file. We see someone with a vested interest in the outcome of the competition getting ready to put a stop to that.

Book Author: Frank Cho

Publisher - Orgnization: AWA Studios/Upshot Studios

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Frank Cho

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. It has plenty of action. The drama is starting to ratchet up as the girls are starting to take things to another level. The behind the scenes cloak and dagger storyline is very intriguing.

With half of the challenges completed, the field of ten has been narrowed down to five. I like that we’re starting to get to know the girls that are left better. I’m curious to see if any temporary alliances are formed in the next challenge. 

I’ve been pulling for Xandra since before this book came out. She has a tenacity that forces the reader to like her. Clearly she’s the focal point for the series. I’m thinking Karen Gillan would be great in this role if it gets to the silver screen. 

This cover doesn’t necessarily jump out at me like the first issue’s cover did. It’s still well done and promises adventure awaits anyone who reads it.

The interior artwork is very well done. I appreciated the attention to detail with regards to how the giant scorpion and desert turtle were depicted. 

As a geek on a budget I’m all in on Fight Girls #2. It’s a story that the reader doesn’t have to be a subject matter expert on to enjoy. I encourage everyone to get their copy when this one hits the local comic book store!

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