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REVIEW: Animal Castle #1


REVIEW: Animal Castle #1

Book Title: Animal Castle #1

Book Description: This story opens up upon the scene looking at a castle. Upon looking at the castle it talks about it once being a farm, and the humans have since left the castle to the animals, and those animals turned what was once their prison into their republic. The very next cell takes place on what appears to be a firing squad of sorts, of dogs. The reason revealed is a hen dared to keep an egg that she herself laid and was given them ultimate punishment for it. As the punishment takes place other animals take note about what they didn’t do. As the animals scatter from the punishment, we are then taken to either the next day or a short time into the future and are introduced to a cat named Miss B, who is trying to move a large stone, upon which it is revealed that Miss B is doing the work of a male cat, moving a 20lb stone. Where it is revealed that the reason Miss B is doing the work is, her husband has lost his life and therefore she must now do his work as well as take care of their 2 kittens. As Miss B drags the stone we meet one of the guard dogs as it were who then threatens a duck for not working fast enough. As Miss B delivers a stone we are shown a rooster standing next to 2 guard dogs, calling out names, jobs and how many buttons are issued for the work. Once Miss B arrives with the stone and is reprimanded for her tardiness, an accident happens with said stone and Miss B is blamed for the accident and substantial repair cost, which comes out of her allowance as it were. As Miss B returns home, she comes across a rabbit hutch where a Male rabbit is spending quality time with female rabbits who brag about the experience and stand in line for more, where the male rabbit then charges carrots for the process. Miss B gets the attention of the male rabbit and instructs him to keep it down for the sake of her kittens. When Miss B finally returns home we see her kittens and goose named Daisy, she has a conversation about food or lack thereof, and sends her kittens to retrieve some. Only to have a conversation with Miss Daisy about not having currency in her account and thanking Miss Daisy for paying for the food the kittens went to get. Miss Daisy talks about needing to lose some weight anyway and to think nothing of it. The next day there is a gathering of the animals and they discuss a wolf attack that many possibly believe didn’t happen. The discussion of prepping for the winter and having to reduce rations for the greater good, causes anger among the populace, who make noises about starvation and hard work when the guards and aids to a President Silvio seem to eat their fill and then some. During the gathering Miss Daisy gets angry enough that she leads a revolt against the guard dogs and Rooster, all of whom are loyal to President Silvio, a battle begins and the lost lives end up being more the working populace rather than the guard dogs or the rooster. After the battle, it is highlighted that Miss Daisy was one of the deceased and is shown to be nailed to the door with a daisy flower in her mouth, to be a reminder.

Book Author: Xavier Dorison

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Ablaze

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Felix Delep

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This story, while interesting, I feel is a metaphor for so many different things.  While the time frame of the story is never mentioned, the actions of the animals and the work they go through, reminds me of medieval times.  It tells the tale of a society where there is a distinct separation between the haves, and have nots.  This story, while centered on animals, could be applied to any time frame and any society,  the working class starving and dying to prop up the select few who make the working class miserable and reap the rewards.  I am not sure the author meant to make the story metaphorical but that is how it comes across to me.  Definitely something to think about, and how to possibly make the world around you a better place.

The artwork is stunning to behold, both the cover and interior art are eye-catching and show the true talent of the artist.  It reflects the story with vibrant lines yet keeps to the more toned down appearance of the story it tells, using more earthy tones and slightly darker colors.  Which in my opinion brings the story to life even more and makes the words on the page have more meaning.

While I am not sure I am going to continue reading this series, it definitely provides the reader with something to think about in terms of how life should be for everyone.  The characters are engaging and the actions they take and feel are easily represented to the readers.  The struggles and loss may hit home to individuals differently, some possibly more than others.  But it is definitely a story to make you stop and think!  As previously stated that while I might not actively pursue this continuing story it didn’t turn me away either.  Which is always a bonus.

As your curator of the Historical Documents of the Imagination I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you enjoyed my review of this story please support the creators of this story!

May the historical documents of the imagination always inspire!  Thanks for reading!

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