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Finding your voice in story development is what sets any writer apart from the pack. When you look at some of your favorite comic book writers, what is it that draws you back to them? It has to be more substantial than just being a good writer. More often than not, it has to do with a connection to their voice. How a writer crafts a story, and the world surrounding it, defines the kind of person more likely to continue reading their work. 

When I say make it real, what I am urging you to do is to breathe life into your characters. I spend a dangerous amount of time hanging out in the different story worlds in my head. I took the time to develop the character’s personalities, quirks, likes, and dislikes. No one has to go that in-depth with it, but I feel that I write better when the characters feel more real to me.

From time to time, I challenge anyone I am working with on the writing side to sit back and think about your characters. Ask yourself questions like; What are they up to right now? What did they have for lunch? What are they getting into this weekend? Simple questions like this will help denote your characters in story actions, and might also unlock another element to help you later on. This is also a key component to be used if writer’s block starts creeping up on you. It is a quick trick to slip yourself back into the world of your characters. Don’t do this for just the main characters, but secondary characters as well. There should be no fear in overbuilding your world, over scripting can always be handled in editing.

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