A heart-pounding what-if thriller set in the 60s Hong Kong, graphic novel, volume one out of two.

Hong Kong 1960.

Hidden in the centre of the Walled City in Kowloon, triads reign supreme, helped by the subversive architecture of the buildings and a special political status that makes the area a Chinese territory within the boundaries of a British colony.

Despite conducting daily patrols, the Hong Kong Police Force is incapable of effectively dealing with the criminal strongholds, opting instead to monitor their activities and limit their influence.

Meanwhile, the CIA is planning the murder of famous Russian agronomist Trofim Lysenko, with the intention of placing the blame on the Chinese Communist Party to destabilize the sino-soviet alliance.

But amidst the tension of the great Cold War, nothing is as easy as it looks…

Jinbao, a Red Pole of the 108K triad made up of dissidents from the Chinese civil war, is used by the CIA to fund the operation with the proceeds of criminal activities, hooked by the promise of dismantling the CCP and the reinstating of the right-wing party, the Kuomintang.

To do so Jinbao, with his trusted second Xiao, recruits kids from the China Drama Academy as drug couriers paying them with roles as stuntmen in the surging action movie industry.

However, Liang Hang-bo, Red Pole rival to Jinbao, has other plans: he wants to use the kids to expand his drug market in Hong Kong and possibly in Europe, using CIA methods to disguise himself from the HKPF, unaware that the police is following him closely.

“Are you lonesome tonight?

Jinbao, caught between his political ideals and his love for the China Drama Academy kids, sees his plans crumble when Liang kills the bodyguard of an British diplomat, allerting the HKPF thanks to an unexpected witness.

Set in a land struggling with its identity, Typhoon Days is a two-chapter story that tells the sino-soviet side of a pivotal time in modern history.

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