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UNTETHERED: Facing The Seasons


UNTETHERED: Facing The Seasons

Take a deep breath, and maybe a step back. It starts with knowing that everything happens in sections. Keep a check on your mindset, as it can be your most valuable asset.

Everybody goes through different creative seasons. Depending on which season you are in, there may be a fantastic sense of accomplishment, an urge to create, or the burnout of passion and desire. Learning to balance our mentalities can help us move between these seasons a bit more confidently. Remember, everyone goes through them, so at no point are you truly alone. 

The easiest season to find yourself in is the creative one. Everything is new, blooming with life, stories are being written, illustrations are pouring out. No one ever has an issue being in this time, and work typically reflects that joy, determination, and accomplishment. It is nothing to look past, instead, it should be embraced. If you find yourself in this season, go hard, stop for nothing, and get the work done. Why? Because the next season always blows in unexpectedly, wrecking our mood, depriving us of sleep, and just being a regular ole jerk. 

The dark season is the one that many creators struggle to claw out of. Even if work is still being produced, this time is still the most difficult to work through. Struggling with outside forces, finances, family issues, marriage, kids, work… it all piles on. There must be a balance. If you are feeling less creative, try pouring yourself into one of the other aspects of life. Often, you will find some solace in the things that you may have been neglecting. It is easy to lose track of normal life circumstances when you pour yourself into your creative endeavors. It can be quite dangerous if left unchecked. Never get too comfortable in your despair. 

Once you are ready to start rediscovering that passion for creativity, get inspired! That’s right, go outside, where there is sunlight. Head to an art gallery, whether physically or virtually. Go play in the rain, just do something! Just taking a moment to do something random can often snap us out of the funk, and put us back into an excited mindset. Head to the beach, mountains, wherever you have good memories that pump you up. 

I know this article does not have much to do with creating comics but is so essential to addressing the creatives mentality. I am a proponent for creators having all of the tools they need to successfully create, and one of them is having a good check on your mentality. Knowing when you are burning out or approaching a dark season, is a powerful way to curb your state. When I can feel the creativity draining, I get inspired, it is as simple as that. I have said it before, too many writers, and it applies to all creatives; sit down with a pen/pencil and a piece of paper, whatever pops into your brain, write it down. You do not even have to do anything with it, merely it is a way to clear the funk. Talk to some friends, see what they are working on. The season will change, as long as you do not give up during the darkest hours. Stay encouraged, friends. Do better, be better.

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