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SCOUT COMICS & COMICS ON COFFEE Announce Strategic Partnership


SCOUT COMICS & COMICS ON COFFEE Announce Strategic Partnership

SCOUT COMICS & ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS, one of the fastest growing independent comic companies, is partnering with the Fort Myers-based company COMICS ON COFFEE to launch a series of Scout Comics inspired coffee flavors and collectible comics.

Scout’s President, James Haick III, said of the partnership, “We here at Scout couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Tanya & Tony Scholl and their amazing coffee company. We can’t wait to share the cool coffee flavors and titles we have coming out.”

One of the first releases will be a metal cover comic and 12 ounce coffee combo pack of the ultra popular comic THE RECOUNT, A limited edition (individually numbered out of 100) metal cover is now available while supplies last at

Bueller, from the acclaimed YouTube channel “COMICS WITH BUELLER,” sat down with co-owner Tony Scholl of Comics on Coffee to discuss this new partnership.

For those out there that are unfamiliar with Comics On Coffee, What makes you unique & not just another coffee company? 

Aside from roasting our own specialty grade coffees & having a direct trade relationship with the coffee farmers; we love everything comics. That’s why every bag of coffee we make isn’t just great on the inside, its great on the outside too. Each bag reflects the art, stories, and even the feel of the comics they portray. There’s something special about seeing a character or title on a coffee bag; the very fuel that helped these writers, and artists complete such awesomeness.

What is this team up with Scout Comics all about?

Both companies are dedicated to the comic book community and the creators who work tirelessly to deliver titles that keep us thirsty for more. At Comics On Coffee, we love to work with creators to bring custom coffees to life. From the flavor to the art, we strive to create a product that reflects each creators vision for what coffee would be like in their world… and that’s where Scout comes in.

Scout has been so awesome to work with, giving us access to all of their titles, creators, and visions. Then they go a step further and collaborate projects to help make everything we create as authentic as possible.

What is this Team-up about?

It’s about working together to release super rare comic books, bundled with coffee bags that are designed specifically to match. Each bundle also includes a digital copy of the first issue. So frame that amazingly rare book, open up your digital copy, and sit back with a great tasting coffee so unique that it must be from a comic book world.

Can you tell us a little bit about the first product being released and what makes it so special?

The first bundle will be epic! It’s a limited edition release of the number one key issue of The Recount. This will be a never before seen metal cover that is only available in this bundle. It comes with a matching Coffee bag and a digital copy of the first issue so you don’t have to crack open your amazing metal cover just to get into the story.

Tell us about a normal day at Comics On Coffee.

For me it’s pretty simple. I start up the roaster then begin to prepare the green coffee…I watch each batch roast carefully, maintaining the proper temperature and roasting profile for what I’m trying to create. After every roast I taste-test as sample from each batch to make sure it’s showing all the right flavors, bold notes, and smooth aftertaste; which of course is always my favorite part.

Tanya likes to start her day with a cup of Lightspeed. It’s our high caffeine coffee for the quick wake up that she needs. She then continues checking emails and fulfilling orders. Around lunch time she stops for another cup of one of our flavored coffees, generally the Santa’s X-Mas or The Third Wave Blueberry. After a quick lunch she spends the afternoon designing upcoming coffee bags or K-pod boxes. Occasionally, she has a comic book cover to draw.

What are you most excited about in your partnership with Scout moving forward?

In the short time we have been working with Scout Comics we have seen time and again examples of how Scout Comics is always thinking outside the box, from comic tags to their recently released Pressworks printer plates, Scout Comics is not afraid to take a chance and create something new. We love this because we adore the comic book industry, and we believe this kind of out of the box thinking will revolutionize this industry, it will add value and freshness to this market and make comic books exciting in new ways. Here at Comics On Coffee we are delighted to be able to work with Scout and be a small part of that.

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