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Introducing Collector’s Corner & Mainstream USA


Introducing Collector’s Corner & Mainstream USA

At Indie Comix Dispatch we celebrate the diversity of our staff’s backgrounds and franchise fandoms. Brett likes Superman. Brian is big on Batman. Dale’s favorite is Masters of the Universe. Malachi loves X-Men. Personally, I go gaga for G.I. Joe and Transformers.

What do all of these franchises have in common? They all helped comics become what they are today. Some played a larger role than others. Some were our gateway into the comic book universe. Additionally, these franchises are all licensed brands and household names. 

We’re going to be doing something new at Indie Comix Dispatch. We are going to be adding two new categories called Collector’s Corner and Mainstream, USA to our reviews on the website.

Collector’s Corner will feature more vintage books and titles. Some will be from small press publishers. Some will be from the big two. During the course of the review we will talk about what makes the book in question collectible. 

Is it the first appearance of a key character? Is it the first time an artist or writer worked on a particular title. Is there something else noteworthy about the issue that gives it “cool points” for fans?

Collector’s Corner will not be an investment advice column. The only investment advice I give regarding comics is to buy what you like. If the value goes up, great. If it doesn’t, you still have something you like. I will be happy to tell you the going rate to obtain a copy and provide cheaper options, if applicable, for anything posted in the Collector’s Corner.

Collector’s Corner also will not be a virtual swap meet or online store. The books posted there are for fan appreciation. There are plenty of platforms that will suit the needs of those looking to buy.

Mainstream, USA is going to be the new home for some titles and franchises. These are the licensed titles that you can find toys, clothing, and other accessories of in your local department store. Franchises such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, and G.I. Joe will be found here.

These franchises are household names that fall into our scope by virtue of being under the umbrella of a small press publisher. We believe that separating these established titles and franchises from our primary reviews will help give other creators an opportunity to shine without competing with Todd McFarlane, Kevin Eastman, etc.

We hope these changes will make Indie Comix Dispatch’s easier to navigate while adding more variety to your favorite comic book website.

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